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The Lifting Glue allows to fix the eyelashes to the silicon pads to lift the eyelashes gently from the base and to attach the mold to the eyelid.

  • Content: 5 ml.
  • PAO (period after opening): 6 months.
  • Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

Advice from Seena Owell:

  • Always remove the Perm Lotion, Setting Lotion and Tint with a dry swab. Never remove with water or a swab dipped in water. The remains of Tint and Glue are removed only with the Moisturizing Serum.
  • Be careful not to wet the lashes (with water or any other product that can neutralize the effect of the eyelash lifting) during 24 hours.

Video: Placement of Silicone Mode for Eyelash Lifting

Video: Placement of Silicone Mode for Eyelash Lifting

Aftercare Flyer

Flyer to deliver to clients of the beauty center with the care after the Eyelash Lifting service.

Download (762.95k)

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