Seena Owell

About us?

We are Seena Owell, a leading company in the distribution of products for aesthetic professionals.
With more than 10 years of experience, we are recognized for our professionalism and the quality of our products.

Our story begins in 2014

Our story begins in 2014 when, due to a professional change, our founder Paula Sepúlveda saw a business opportunity in the distribution of eyelash extensions .

At that time, beauty and aesthetic centers were in great demand for these products, but the eyelash extension brands that arrived in Spain, which were mainly English and German, offered them at very high prices. We set out and found many manufacturers, but the quality did not satisfy us, until we met NEICHA , a pioneering Korean brand in the market with excellent quality products. We managed to close an exclusivity agreement with them and our first website “MISS PESTAÑAS” was born, created by our manager Francisco Ochoa.

We set up shop in the center of Madrid and hired our first two employees. A beautician and an administrator.

Little by little, we were incorporating more products to satisfy the needs of professionals in the sector, we included well-known brands and new products such as eyelash lifting. We expanded our catalog by more than 400 references, but always maintaining our quality standard . In parallel, our technical team was in charge of the certifications and legalization of the products in the EU.

Why Seena Owell?

In 2017 we began to grow in Anglo-Saxon countries and decided to redefine our brand and our logo. The original idea we were inspired by was the name "Seena Owen" , in honor of the first Hollywood actress to adopt eyelash extensions. Since that name could not be used as a brand, Seena Owell was born, fusing the product with the essence of our inspiration.

That year we also reinforced our team with the incorporation of two more beauticians, with the aim of providing technical advice with professionals with a lot of experience in the sector .

Seena Owell Academy

In 2019 we moved to larger offices that allowed us to have more space for our warehouse and a training room for more than 10 students.

In 2020 we launched our online academy Seena Academy in which we teach courses on aesthetic techniques that are trending in the market. We offer training with a practical methodology and in different modalities, in addition to face-to-face courses that we always adapt to the needs of our clients .


Today, Seena Owell has evolved from a lash-focused business to a leader in distributing products for aesthetic professionals . With more than 2,500 references, we have incorporated prestigious brands into the catalog, without losing our initial focus specialized in products for eyelash and eyebrow treatments.

Our goal is to continue growing, offering innovative products, but always with the highest quality and providing the qualified advice that current and future aesthetic professionals require.

And what differentiates us...

We are passionate about eyelash and eyebrow products. We are constantly searching for new trends, new products and new techniques .

At Seena Owell we are more than a company, we are a family , which is why it has always been our goal to support and care for all our clients, providing our knowledge at all times to whoever needs it.