Lash Lifting Kit with Keratine - Lamination


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New eyelash lifting kit with Keratin.

The advantages of this system are that it decreases the exposure time of the first step to 5 minutes, reducing the total service time by approximately 30% and it also contains Keratin that helps nourish the eyelashes and activates the epithelial cells, for enjoying healthy and bright eyelashes.


This new kit contains three different forms of pads: C SNAIL, U CURVE and L SHARP, that will allow you to get up to 3 different lash curls. They are soft like skin, allowing the eyelashes to easily adhere to the pad.


  • Step 1 Perming - 10 sachets x 0.8 gr.
  • Step 2 Setting - 10 sachets x 0.8 gr.
  • Step 3 Essence - 10 sachets x 0.8 gr.
  • Lomansa Lash Lifting Adhesive 5 ml.
  • Lomansa Keratin Booster 5.5 ml.
  • Lash Perm Rod (16 pairs)
    • 6 pairs C Snail
    • 5 pairs U Curve
    • 5 pairs L Sharp
  • Lash Lifting Magic Wand
  • 4 Eyelash Brush
  • 4 Disposable Sponge Stick
  • Manual

Video: Unboxing Permania Lash Lifting Kit

Video: How to do the Lash Lifting


1.   Remove any makeup and residue on the eyelashes. Comb the eyelashes. 

2.   Protect the lower lashes with a collagen patch or hypoallergenic tape.

3.   Select the appropriate pad according to the size of the lashes of your client. Remove the oils / residues.

4.   Use the lash lifting glue to adhere the pad to the eyelid.

5.   Using the lifting eyelash tool, work in small areas by applying a small amount of glue and fix the eyelashes onto the pad as you go completing this step on each eye.

6.   Apply the Perming Lotion (step 1) in the central zone of the eyelashes with upward movement (5 min.).

Do not touch the root nor the tip of the eyelash. Apply only the necessary amount of product needed to cover that zone ; do not apply all the content if not necessary. Do not use osmotic film.

7.   After the stipulated time, remove the product with a micro-brush or a dry cotton swab.

8.   Apply Setting Lotion (Step 2) from the root to the center of the eyelashes with upward movement (7-10 min.).

9.   After the stipulated time, remove the second product with a micro-brush or a dry cotton swab. It’s time to apply the tint for eyelashes if the client wants it.

10. Apply the Essence to the eyelashes with a micro-brush. Rub the lashes gently and you will see how they lift slowly from the pad. Gently detach the lashes from the pad. Do the same with the pad adhered to the eyelid by gently applying Essence to detach it.

Never remove with water or a swab dipped in water! The remains of tint and glue are removed only with the essence!

11. After removing the pad, use a mascara-type brush to apply the restructuring keratin lotion that will nourish and shine your eyelashes

Contenido Kit Lifting con Keratina - Lamination

Permania Pouch

Moldes para lifting de pestañas con keratina

lash lifting adhesive and keratin booster

lash lifting tool magic wand

Cepillo tipo máscara y manual del lifting de pestañas

Aftercare Flyer

Flyer to deliver to clients of the beauty center with the care after the Eyelash Lifting service.

Download (762.95k)

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