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Acrylic paint brush M Thuya

Natural hair brush designed for making decorations with acrylic paint. Thanks to its tip retains more moisture so it does not dry the paint, helps to make very precise and defined strokes. To keep the brush in perfect condition, it is important to clean it after each use. Content: 1 Unit

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Aluminum for nails 400 sheets with dispenser - Thuya

Distributor of aluminum sheets. These sheets are designed to easily remove permanent, acrylic or acrygel varnish. Contents: 1 Dispenser + 400 aluminum sheets

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Anti Gray Hair Eyebrow Treatment - Thuya

This treatment allows to prevent and stop the appearance of gray hair in the eyebrows. Contains Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-20 which increases the formation of melanin, delays the oxidation of the hair bulb, and reduces oxidative stress, and Curcuma Longa which acts as a plant growth factor, significantly increasing the density and growth of the hair, also...

Art Glue Thuya

Glue to quickly and easily adhere decorations such as pearls or crystals in manicure and pedicure services. It has great fixation, its use is very easy since you only have to apply a small amount of product where you are going to make the decoration, put the stone or decoration on top and dry in a LED lamp for 30 seconds / UV 120 seconds. Content: 15ml

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Bamboo Scrub

Scrub for hands and feet. Contains bamboo particles that help remove dead skin cells and helps to have more smooth skin. Apply a small amount of the scrub on dry hands and gently massage until completely absorbed. Content: 450ml

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Base and Top for Traditional Nail Polish Deluxe Thuya

Base for traditional nail polish services. Protects nails before performing the traditional nail polish, and provides greater resistance to your natural nails. It can be used as a glossy finish, as well this base give shine and prolongs the durability of the nail polish.  Content: 11 ml

Beauty System ampoules

Hand and foot care vials. You will give your client’s skin what it needs most to take care for and perform more personalized service. Content: 6 vials

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Beauty System hand and foot cream

Moisturizing emulsion for hands and feet. Contains paraffin and glycerin that provide the skin with hydration and nutrition. Perfect for relaxing massage for your client in the manicure and pedicure services. Content: 450ml

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Bleaching Tint Special for Eyebrows Thuya

Bleaching tint indicated only for eyebrows. Professional use. This bleaching tint works only by mixing it with the Creamy Special Dye Solution Thuya. Content: 14ml PAO: 12 months

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Bonder Thuya

It degreases the natural nail and prepares it for the gel nail construction service, facilitating its adherence to the natural nail. Content: 14 ml

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Booster Gel Thuya

The Booster Gel is a serum that gives intensity to the look, achieving longer, more extreme and voluminous eyelashes and thicker eyebrows. It has active ingredients such as Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Curcuma Longa and Panthenol, these components help provide density and thickness to the hair in 4-6 weeks. Not suitable for use with eyelash extensions...

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Brow Intensifier Color Cream - Thuya

Eyebrow fixative in cream format with color that allows to fix the shape of the hair and add volume and density to the eyebrows. It reactivates hair growth. It has a very soft texture and a high fixation. Easily removed with makeup remover. Content: 1 unit Colours: Choose between 3 different shades: Dark, Medium, and Soft

Brush Cleaner - Thuya

Acrylic, gel, or acrygel construction brush cleaner. This cleaner will leave your brushes clean without damaging the bristles. It is recommended to clean the brushes after each use. Content: 100 ml or 500 ml

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Brush No. 0 Thuya gel

Synthetic hair nail brush. Its fine tip helps improve gel leveling in the cuticle area and sides of the nail. With this brush you can also make designs with gel paint. Content: 1 Unit

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Color&shape fixer - Thuya

Transparent serum that helps fix the shape and color of the eyebrows after any service, also lengthens the duration of the hair color. Apply it with your mascara brush on the eyebrow and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before applying makeup. Contains Jojoba, Aloe vera and Panthenol. Content: 1 unit

Creamy Neutralizer Thuya

Neutralizer in cream format for lifting or permanent eyelash service. It closes the pores of the natural eyelash, to fix it according to the shape of the silicone pad. It does not damage the eyelashes. Content: 15ml Approximately for 40 services PAO: 12 months

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Creamy Neutralizer Thuya (single- dose)

Neutralizing cream in single dose format. It closes the pores of the natural eyelash or eyebrow, to fix it according to the shape we have chosen. It does not damage the eyelashes or eyebrows Content: 12 single-dose

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Creamy Solution Special for Tint Thuya

Hydrogen peroxide with a creamy texture that facilitates its application and avoids possible unwanted drips. It is mixed with the dye in a 1 to 1 ratio until achieving a homogeneous and creamy texture. Content: 50 ml

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Cupcake traditional glaze kit

Deluxe nail polish kit with different shades of nail polish for fun manicures. The kit consists of 5 shades of soft colors.

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Cuticle remover with Aloe Vera - Thuya

Vegan cuticle remover with Aloe Vera that allows you to easily remove skin without cutting it. Content: 100ml

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