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The nail forms are disposable. Its design allows it to adhere to the finger perfectly to achieve a perfect sculpted nail. Content: 500 units

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Plastic organizer for nail brushes. It has 5 slots of 7mm where you can organize your brushes to work comfortably. Content: 1 unit Colour: Black Material: Plastic Dimensions: 8 x 5 cm

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120/120 double-sided polishing pad. This file is ideal for matching the nail plate for nail polishing or for matching false nails. They are small so as not to waste material and disposable to guarantee hygiene with clients. Content: 50 units.

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Disposable cellulose depilatory bands for lukewarm wax. Easy to grip on lukewarm wax. Content: 1 pack of 100 units Size: 23 X 7.5 cm

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Liposoluble hair removal warm wax roller. Strong grip, it glides smoothly over the skin and is easily removed with the depilatory strips. It should be placed in the wax warmer and this, in turn, in the warming base. Content: 110 gr Choose between blue or honey

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Disposable kimonos. One size. Ideal for microblading or micropigmentation services. Content: 10 units

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Disposable cellulose thongs for hair removal care. Single use and with adaptable elastic. Content: 100 units

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Base for 2 heaters of roll-on wax. Includes a connector to the electrical power. Contents: 1 unit Power: 40 W

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Wax heater perfect to use for waxing small areas such as upper lip, eyebrows, or chin. It has an adjustable thermostat to set the temperature. It can be used with warm wax beads, beans, or discs. Contents: 1 unit Capacity: 125 ml Power: 40 W

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Extra soft cotton finger puff that allows you to apply loose or compact powders. It can also be used to support your hand on the face during eye makeup. This way your client's makeup won't budge. Content: 1 unit Color: Beige Diameter: 6 cm

Flat latex sponge suitable for applying makeup base. It can be used both wet and dry. It is advisable to discard each sponge after use to avoid contaminating the skin. Content: 24 units Color: Pink and purple


Disposable files replacement for pedicure. Perfect to wear down the hardness during the pedicure service. Content: 100 units Grit to choose from: 180, 120, 80

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Post-depilation gel based on Aloe Vera and herbs, with moisturizing properties suitable for finishing depilation and slowing down hair growth, making it grow weaker. Indicated for all skin types and for daily use. Content: 500ml Without parabens, without silicones, and cruelty-free.

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Nails vacuum cleaner perfect for collecting and absorbing dust during the filing process of sculpted nails. It has a fan with great suction power. Contains 3 spare bags. Contents: 1 unit Size: 27 X 20 cm

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Heater for wax roll-on that adapts to the heaters base. It includes a connector to the electrical power in order to use it individually too. Contents: 1 unit Power: 20 W

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26 cm ring light for desktop with a tripod, black color. It provides great lighting in your cabin; you can use it to make videos and photos of your services. Content: 1 Unit

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45 cm light ring that provides great lighting in your cabin. It facilitates services such as eyelash extensions, lifting, providing extra lighting. You can modify the color of LED. Content: 1 Unit

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Reusable stainless steel pedicure file. Thanks to its ergonomic shape it allows easy handling. Suitable for disinfection in a UV sterilizer. Contains: 1 unit Material: stainless steel Colour: Silver  Does not include Spare callus remover files

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Metal spatula with wooden handle, to perform hair removal services with hot wax. Thanks to its long handle, it makes it easy to apply the wax to any part of the body. Content: 1 Unit Size: 21.5cm

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Mini spatula made of plastic, for the extraction of cream or gel products from the jars, avoiding cross-contamination in the product. Content: 10 spatulas

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