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In this category you will find wooden utensils designed to firm and tone the body.

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Sculting Massage Oil Imperium
25,45€ 31,82€ -20%

Body oil suitable for massage with wood therapy or other techniques. This amazing vegetable oil helps eliminate toxins, thanks to its draining effect, and promotes healthy skin, improving its elasticity and smoothness. Content : 500ml

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Firming Massage Oil Imperium
25,45€ 31,82€ -20%

Body oil suitable for firming massage with wood therapy or other techniques. Thanks to the combination of essential oils it contains, this amazing oil tonifies, softens, and improves the appearance of areas that present flaccidity, preventing the loss of firmness of the tissues. Content : 500ml

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Sculpting Massage Oil Wherteimar250 ml

The formula helps to mold the body and sculpt the silhouette. It helps reduce weight and fluid retention. It has an effective draining action that activates the microcirculation and tones the skin. Content: 250 ml

Firming Oil Wherteimar 250 ml

Firming oil that improves skin elasticity and muscle tone with a tightening action. Apply a small amount to the area to be treated and massage until the area is heated. It can be combined with manual massage or massage appliances. Content: 250 ml

Sweet almond oil for massage 1L

Oil suitable for all types of massages. It has properties that provide elasticity and smoothness to the skin. It has great skin penetration, but without leaving the skin greasy to provide greater comfort to the client. Suitable for all skin types. Content: 1 Liter

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Body Modeling Concentrate Wherteimar 100 ml

Body modeling concentrated serum with moisturizing, draining and slimming action. Perfect for areas with accumulations of fat and cellulite. For all skin types. Content: 100 ml

Body massage cream

Cream rich in sunflower oil, calendula extract and Vitamin E. Perfect for body massages. Provides a silky texture to the skin and does not leave a greasy finish. Thanks to the mixture of these components it allows a perfect glide of the hands and massage utensils. Contents: 1000 ml

Ultrafresh Gel with Hypothermic Action

Hypothermic gel with cold effect perfect for body massages. Designed to relieve problems such as tired, congested or sore legs. Contains plant extracts of Horse Chestnut and Centella Asiatica that provide soothing and draining properties. Contents: 1000 ml

Calming Cream with Cannabis Sativa Oil

Calming cream ideal for sports, relaxing and anti-stress massages. Recommended to apply at the end of the wood therapy treatment to calm the worked areas.Also in a small format for home use: It can be applied daily to areas such as the legs to relieve fatigue and varicose veins. Content: 100 ml or 1000 ml or Pack on display 5 + 1 unit for free

Facial Maderotherapy Kit

Set consisting of 6 pieces to perform massages on all areas of the face, improving the natural production of collagen and elastin and attenuating expression lines. Very effective in considerably reducing localized submental fat through lymphatic massages.

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Double moon shaper with knots for Maderotherapy

High-quality wood from the Urapán tree from Colombia. Double wooden instrument with knots, which helps transfer localized fat to the lymph nodes. It has a hole in each crescent for a better grip. Due to its large opening, you can work on a larger surface. Content: 1 Unit 40 x 7.8cm

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Double moon shaper for Maderotherapy

High-quality wood from the Urapán tree from Colombia. It shapes the figure and helps to achieve good drainage of liquids and fat, directing them toward the lymph nodes. Due to its large opening, you can work on a larger surface. Very easy to grasp thanks to the holes in each crescent. Content: 1 Unit 43.5 x 5.1cm

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Half moon with knots for Maderotherapy

High-quality wood from the Urapán tree from Colombia. This tool helps move fat to the lymph nodes. It has a hole to improve the grip of the tool and facilitate movement. Content: 1 Unit Dimensions: 22.5 x 7.5 cm

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Arc-shaped massager 5 knots for Maderotherapy

High-quality wood from the Urapán tree from Colombia. It helps reduce cellulite, and localized fat and shape the waist. Thanks to its shape, you can work horizontally, and perform different movements and rhythms. Content: 1 Unit Dimensions: 36 x 5.5 cm

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Rectangular instrument with knots for Maderotherapy

High-quality wood from the Urapán tree from Colombia. Ideal wooden tool for relaxing massages. It has two grips for easy movement. With this tool, you can work on a larger surface. It helps reduce muscle spasms and tones the skin. Content: 1 Unit 25.5 x 10.5cm

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Starter Kit for Maderotherapy
116,69€ 145,87€ -20%

Wood therapy instruments kit designed for professionals who want to introduce this service in their centers. It contains all the basic tools to work this technique at the body level. The kit contains: 1 Roller with 4 spheres, 1 Roller “4 cubes”, 1 Diamond-shaped tips roller, 1 Swedish cup & 1 Contouring board Type Y.

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Breast & Buttock Enhancement Massage Kit
133,96€ 167,45€ -20%

Wood therapy instrument kit designed for breast and buttock enhancement treatments. It contains two different contouring boards that adapt to all parts of the body helping to reshape it. In addition, an 8-disc roller for the hip area and the lifting duo set with two flat cups. Contents: 5 wooden instruments

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Anti-cellulite Maderotherapy Kit
127,34€ 159,17€ -20%

Wood therapy instruments kit that helps reduce orange peel skin in any body area. Kit consisting of a diamond-tipped roller with 5 wheels that allows to break localized fat, 2 “mushroom” cups, a Swedish cup with a roller and a knuckle-contouring board that helps reduce fat more insistently. Contents: 5 instruments

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Maderotherapy Kit for Lymphatic Drainage
94,94€ 118,68€ -20%

Wood therapy instrument kit designed to perform lymphatic drainage at the body level. Kit consisting of a 4-sphere roller to heat the area, a grooved roller to mobilize the lymph, a Swedish cup to drain and the F-type contouring board to redirect the lymph to the lymph nodes. Contents: 4 wooden instruments

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Maderotherapy Kit for Abdomen
48,14€ 60,17€ -20%

Wood therapy instrument kit to treat the abdominal area. It contains a 8-disc roller that adapts perfectly to the abdomen area helping to break down localized fat and a multipurpose contouring board that can be used in different positions to drain fat towards the lymph nodes, thus facilitating its elimination. The Kit contains 2 different instruments

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