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Aromatic Massage Oil

Oil for relaxing massages or other techniques. Helps during performing massage to act more intensely about the needs of the client. Moisturizes and helps nourish the skin. Content: 1 liter

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Body Peeling

Body scrub of different aromas. Removes dead skin cells leaving it soft, clean and luminous. It provides extra hydration to the skin thanks to the almond oil and salt of the Dead Sea that has great properties for the skin. Content: 800 gr

Chocolate body peeling

Mechanical body peeling with chocolate aroma. Removes dead skin cells, gets a softer and brighter skin. Contains olive bone and micronized apricot to perform a good body exfoliation. Content: 500 ml.

Chocolate face peeling

Mechanical face peeling with chocolate aroma. Removes dead skin cells to achieved softer and brighter skin. Contains Grape Seed Oil that is a great antioxidant, Orange Essential Oil that has a great antioxidant power and Cocoa that provides skin nutrition. Content: 200 ml.

Chocolate mask

It helps to protect the skin and restore the natural shine of the face. Thanks to its components it adapts easily to the face. It contains Cacao that provides the skin with the necessary hydration and nutrition. Content: 250 ml.

Chocolate oil

Massage oil with cocoa flavour with a touch of orange. It has a sweet almond oil that acts as a moisturizer that helps retain the hydration of the area for a long time. It has a great combination of vitamins to delay premature skin aging. Content: 1000 ml.

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Pack Masks of Alginates

Pack of alginate masks for different skin types. They contain very effective active ingredients to ensure great results. Content: 6 Single-dose of 30 gr.

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