Eyebrow Pigment Microblading and Micropigmentation

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  • Castaño ocruso
  • Castaño
  • Rubio (Natural Blond)
  • Black Pearl
  • Castanio
  • Golden Ash
  • Olive
  • Antique
  • Wallnut
  • Skin Toner 049
  • Orange 087
  • Skin 5
  • Hell
  • Schoko
  • Dunkelbraun
  • White Satin
  • Taupe
  • Salt'n peper
  • Katherina

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Sterilized pigment in single-dose format for professional use. Its consistency is creamy and won't dry out during brow service. A wide range of colours, that can be used separately or mixed to achieve the perfect tone.

Made in Germany by PUREBEAU.

  • Content: 3 ml
  • 19 colours available
  • Product registered in the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products

Explanatory guide of colours:

  • Antique: warm pigment, dark brown tone. Perfect for people with brown hair. It can be mixed with a drop of Olive so that it does not turn red.
  • Hazelnut: cold pigment, dark brown tone. Indicated for people with a pink undertone skin and very dark hair. Being so dark, it can turn a bit grey.
  • Timber: warm pigment, medium brown tone. Indicated for people with reddish brown hair. It can be mixed with a drop of Olive in case you want to neutralize.
  • Natur Blond: warm pigment, light brown tone. Indicated for people with light hair who want a more marked effect on their eyebrows. It has a golden undertone, which makes it a very flattering tone that provides light.
  • Katharina: warm pigment, blonde tone. Indicated for people with red or grey hair. If you want to darken it, it can be mixed with a drop of Timber.
  • Olive: greenish correcting pigment indicated for the pigmentation of eyebrows already micro-pigmented with reddish tones. It can be applied directly for corrections during the same microblading session of the eyebrows or it can be mixed with brown tones so that they do not turn red on certain skins. Do not use this pigment for corrections days after microblading as it will have no effect.
  • Orange 087: orange corrective pigment. It is used to lighten eyebrows and lips pigmented with purple, blue or black tones. It can be applied directly to the eyebrows or the lips; several passes are made until the orange tone is fixed. Then give an appointment to the client after four weeks and we can see how the blue has changed to golden brown; generally, it takes 2 or 3 sessions to lighten the eyebrows. This tone is used in people who have had their eyebrows or lips tattooed and don’t want to erase them with laser, but who only prefer to lighten the colour.
  • Skin 5: skin colour pigment. It can be used to camouflage and cover certain areas of the eyebrows, lips or the corner of the eyeliner. We can also erase some badly traced brow hairs during microblading, as long as it is applied during the same session, never days later, because it will have no effect when the pigment has penetrated. We can also use it to lighten the lower contour of the eyebrow. In general, Skin colours are intended for camouflage, they have the effect of corrective makeup.
  • Black Pearl: It is a warm pigment, dark brown tone, the tone does not drift either red or blue. Neutralizes the color of sallow and dark skins or clients with dark brown or black hair, it is not a color neither too cold nor too warm.
  • Castanio: It is a dark warm brown for skins with a golden tone.
  • Golden Ash: It is a warm pigment, light brown color, ideal for Nordic skin people that prefer a little more vigorous eyebrows and for customers with light brown hair who want a very natural look.
  • Wallnut: It is a golden blonde for very blond people, indicated for Nordic skins. Also perfect for mixing with other pigments and lightening the tone.
  • Hell: reddish medium brown pigment. It should be mixed with a drop of Olive in case you want to neutralize.
  • Schoko: warm medium brown pigment. It has a golden undertone, so it is perfect for people with light skin and slightly tanned skin.
  • Dunkelbraun: neutral pigment, very dark brown tone. Suitable for people with dark skin and hair.
  • White Satin: warm pigment, reddish light brown. Suitable for skin with reddish undertone and people with red or grey hair.
  • Taupe: ashy pigment, dark brown tone. Suitable for people with light skin and brown hair.
  • Salt’n Pepper: ashy pigment, medium brown tone. Perfect to apply as a base colour for people with pink micropigmentation. You can apply the Antique tone over it to neutralize it.
  • Skin Toner 049: Yellow, it is an eyebrow corrector to correct blue or purple areas.

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