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Black Eyelash Extensions Coating Neicha

This coating forms an insulating layer against dirt, oil or dust, making the eyelashes shine. Indicated for : After applying eyelash extensions, to encapsulate the glue and protect eyelash extensions by prolonging their life. After eyelash lift to keep the curl longer. Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

Glue Remover Gel 10 g. for Eyelash Extensions

Gel glue remover, easy to apply. It removes the eyelash extensions quickly and easily, without damaging the natural eyelashes. Content: 10 g. Consistency: Gel Produto registado no Portal Europeu de Produtos Cosméticos (CPNP)

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Mirror for eyelash extensions

Stainless steel mirror that helps visualize the result of the placement of the eyelash extensions. It allows to have a view from the bottom of the eyelashes. Content: 1 unit Length: 16.5 cm

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Glue Remover Gel 20 g. for Eyelash Extensions

Gel glue remover, easy to apply. It removes the eyelash extensions quickly and easily, without damaging the natural eyelashes. Content: 20 g. Consistency: Gel Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

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Creamy Glue Remover for Eyelash Extensions

Very creamy remover, with a soft texture. It does not contain colorants or fragrance. Ideal for sensitive eyes. It removes the eyelash extensions easily without damaging the natural eyelashes. Content: 15g.

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Eyelash Extensions Soft Premium

Soft eyelash extensions that come in 16 strips format, with varied lengths from 8 to 14 mm. The tip of each extension is thinner than the base, creating a more natural effect. Made of synthetic silk fiber to avoid allergies. Curl: A-B-C-D Thickness: 0,15–0,20-0,25 mm Lengths: From 8 to 15 mm. Colour: Black

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Eyelash Extensions Soft Premium Mix

Description: Soft eyelash extensions come in 16 strips, in lengths ranging from 8 to 14mm. The tips of these eyelashes constrict more than those of normal lashes, giving them a more natural, softer look. Made with synthetic silk fibre. Curves: A-B-C-D Thickness: 0,15-0,20-0,25 Lengths: From 8 to 14 mm. Colour: Black

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Eyelash Extensions W Mix

Description : 16 rows of silk eyelash extensions, each one made up of three eyelashes in a W-shape, allows for quick application and gives more volume.  Curves: B-C Thickness: 0,07-0,10-0,15-0,20 mm Varied lengths: from 8 to 14 mm Colour: Black 

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Eyelash Extensions Y Mix

Description: 16 rows of silk eyelash extensions, each one made up of two eyelashes in a Y-shape, allows for quick application and gives more volume. Designed to fill in where there are fewer lashes. Curves: A-B-C Thickness: 0,10-0,15-0,20 mm. Varied lengths: From 8 to 14 mm. Colour: Black 

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Pure Primer Brush Type for Eyelashes

Primer to prepare natural eyelashes eliminating traces of grease and water. Indicated for: - Before applying eyelash extensions, to increase the adhesion of the glues.- Before eyelash lifting, to increase the effectiveness of lifting products. Content: 5 ml. Consistency: Liquid Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

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Sensitive-eye Glue for Eyelashes Extensions
9,85€ 12,31€ -20%

Hypoallergenic glue. Designed for customers with sensitive eyes. Special for initiation, because it does not dry instantly and allows to rectify the position of the extensions. Select the size: 5g-3g Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

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Glue Ring 10 mm

Description: Disposable rings (10mm in diameter), designed to help you easily manipulate the glue of eyelash and eyebrow extensions. Allows you to use exactly the right amount for each application, meaning that not a drop of glue goes to waste. Content: 10 or 50 units

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3M Durapore Hypoallergenic 13 mm. Tape

Descripction: Durapore hypoallergenic 13 mm wide tape. Used to cover the lower lashes when applying extensions, preventing the lashes below from sticking to the ones above, as well as securing the upper eyelid. Content: 1 unit.

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Micro-brush 2.5 mm

Fine brushes, 2.5 mm in diameter, which help the accurate application of adhesives and dyes without wasting any of the product. An essential tool in eyelash lifting and extension services. 100% lint free, soft and delicate. Content: Choose from packs of 10 or 100 units.

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Hydrogel patches- 10 pairs

Description: Easy to apply hypo-allergenic gel-effect patches which, unlike hypoallergenic tape, leave the skin soft and hydrated. Content: 10 pairs Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

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Jade Stone for Eyelash Extensions Glue

Jade stone is a must-have accessory for working with eyelash extensions glue. It is easy to clean and helps save glue by keeping the drop at the ideal temperature so it does not dry out. Diameter: 5 cm. Content: 1 unit

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Precision Scissors

Description: Precision scissors for cutting ribbons or pads so that they fit perfectly according to the shape of the customer’s eyes. Content: 1 unit

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Hand mirror

Description: Beautiful mirror, ideal for showing clients the final result of your work. Content: 1 unit

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Training Mannequin for Eyelash Extensions

This life-sized silicone mannequin is perfect for practising different eyelash extension techniques, and is specially designed to help develop skills in applying eyelash extensions. Content: 1 unit

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Eyelash Moisturizing Serum Puluk

Contains hydrolyzed collagen and nutrients that help maintain healthy, natural lashes, shiny and prolongs the eyelash lifting effect. It also helps nourish thin or weak eyelashes from frequent use of extensions or lifting. Content: 10 ml. Colour: Transparent Consistency: Liquid Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

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In this eyelash’s category, you can find all the products available for eyelashes, from eyelash extensions, through lifting to all accessories needed to perform these services.

Buy eyelash extensions

In Seena Owell you can find different options to change your clients' look. Within this category you will find 12 different subcategories.

  • Eyelash Lift: One of the latest innovations in the eyelash market. With the eyelash lift you can lift the natural lash by giving a false lash effect. A fast and very eye-catching service for your clients.
  • Hair by hair eyelash extensions: You can find all the eyelashes to perform a hair by hair extension service, with a variety of lengths, curves and thicknesses.
  • Russian volume eyelash extensions: With this technique, eyelash extensions fans are created to give volume to the look. Within this section you can find all the extensions to perform the service. One of the latest innovations is the triple layer eyelashes, with which doing the fans is a much faster and easier job. You can also find here the pre-made extensions in which the fan is already formed.
  • Fantasy Extensions: Extensions with bright colors for special occasions and for those customers who like a different touch in their eyelashes and to risk with a youthful look.
  • Groups and strips: This type of eyelashes is needed in all centers. Both, groups and strip eyelashes are the most used for make-up in any salon. A quick way to apply eyelash extensions for a few days.
  • Eyebrow Extensions: A temporary solution for all those people who have sparsely populated eyebrows are eyebrow extensions. We have 5 different shades and two different types of adhesive to place these extensions.
  • Adhesives: In this category you will find all the adhesives we have available. Eyelash Extension Adhesive, Eyebrow Extension Adhesive, Eyelash Lift Adhesive and Strip Extension Adhesive.
  • Primer and removers: An essential part of any eyelash service is primer application. At Seena Owell we offer you different options. In the same way you can find a gel or a cream remover for removing eyelash extensions, choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Aftercare for eyelash extensions: In this category you will find all the perfect products to offer your customers in your center. You will find products to extend the life of the extensions, such as the sealer eyelashes, to the famous EvoEye product which is a grow eyelashes that does not contain prostaglandin, therefore it is not harmful to your eyes. All your customers will want to try it.
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Dyeing: Seena Owell has 4 different dye shades: Black, bluish black, chestnut and light chestnut. These dyes can be applied to eyebrows and eyelashes, and you can't forget the hydrogen peroxide to make the mixture!
  • Disposable for Eyelash Extensions: Each eyelash service has a few utensils that are disposable, but absolutely necessary. For example, we offer you 3 different options of patches to attach the client's lower lashes in any service. We also have rings, eyelash brushes, micro brushes, etc.
  • Eyelash Extension Accessories: The latest additions to this category are our new straight and curved separator clips for Russian volume service. You can also find another of our most sought-after products, LED light and magnifying glasses. With these glasses, performing eyelash extension services will be much lighter for your eyes.

We hope you find everything you need to make a good service and for any questions or queries you know you can call us, or you can write to the address at the bottom of the page.