Fantasy Extensions
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6 pairs of Y-shaped silk eyelash extensions, formed by two extensions with a Swarovski crystal. For special occasions.Curves: B-C Thickness: 0.15 Length: 12 mm Color of the extensions: Black Color of Swarovski crystals: Varied

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Coloured eyelash extensions. In 6 rows format with varied lengths (2 rows of 10 mm, 2 rows of 12 mm and 2 rows of 14 mm). Handmade, made of synthetic silk.Curves: B-C Thickness: 0.15 mm. Select the color:Blue Violet Red wine

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Decorated eyelashes extensions with glitter. Each tray contains 6 rows with different lengths. This Eyelash extensions will give a different look to each of your eyelash extension designs.Curl: B-C Thickness: 0,15 mm Length: 10-10-12-12-14-14 mm Colors: Golden or silver

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Eyelash extensions in red, orange and brown shades intermixed. They come in 6 rows. Use them to add brightness to the look. • Curves: B -C • Thickness: 0.15 mm. • Lengths: 8-10-11-12-14-16 mm.

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Eyelash extensions in blue sky, purple and dark blue shades intermixed. In 6 rows format with varied lengths .Use them to add brightness to the look.Curves: B -C Thickness: 0.15 mm Varied lengths: 8-13 mm

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The fantasy eyelash extensions are used to give a different and fun touch to the looks created for adventurous clients. You can find different types of eyelash extensions to enhance the looks of your clients. From the most "discrete" of colors to extensions with glitter or with brilliants.  All our eyelashes are made of synthetic silk and handmade.

Fantasy extensions types

Within this category there are 4 different types of fantasy eyelash extensions:

Extensions with glitter: These extensions are placed hair by hair on top of the natural clients´ eyelash.  We can find the tip of the extensions decorated with different colors glitter: white, copper, red, black, blue, purple and green. Each blister can be found in a single length between which you can choose from 10 to 14. You can also select the thickness: 0.15 or 0.20, and curvatures B or C.

The extensions of colors: These extensions are placed hair by hair over the natural eyelash of the client, giving a color reflection to the look. Very discreet for those people who want to try something different in their eyes without risking too much. Each blister has 6 different colors, distributed in 16 rows. You can choose between the curvatures A, B or C. Also between the thicknesses 0.15 or 0.20. Each blister is of a single length, from 10 to 14.

Y Swarovski eyelash extensions: These extensions are placed hair by hair on top of the natural eyelash.  Extensions are formed by two eyelashes joined in a Y shape. At the center of these two tabs, there is a Swarovski crystal. Each box has 6 different colors. Putting them is very simple and fast. The blisters are small size, 12 mm long and 0.15 thick. They can be chosen in curvature B or C.

Mini color eyelash extensions: These extensions are placed hair by hair on top of the natural eyelash of the client. Each blister has a small size, and it is formed of 6 rows of varying lengths: 2 rows of 10 mm., 2 rows of 12 mm. and 2 rows of 14 mm. Each blister is of curvature B, and thickness 0.15. You can find them in 3 different colors: Blue, violet or red wine.

It is recommended to put any of the options of fancy eyelash extensions in the outer area of the clients´ eye.  Fancy eyelashes can be placed using any glues available in Seena Owell. The method for placing these types of eyelash extensions is exactly the same as the one that is used for hair extensions.