Glue for eyelash extensions Ultra Speed
25,09€ 31,36€ -20%

Glue for eyelash extensions, ultra fast drying and long lasting. The consistency of the glue is liquid, it prevents the formation of lumps and provides a comfortable and light sensation since the extensions do not increase their weight. It has no odor and does not emit vapors. Content: 5g

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Sensitive-eye Glue for Eyelashes Extensions
9,85€ 12,31€ -20%

Hypoallergenic glue. Designed for customers with sensitive eyes. Special for initiation, because it does not dry instantly and allows to rectify the position of the extensions. Select the size: 5g-3g Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

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Elite Glue for Eyelash Extensions
11,97€ 14,96€ -20%

Glue for lash extensions with fast drying time and long duration. Ideal for professional experts in eyelash extensions.  Content: 3 g - 5 g Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

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ELITE+ Glue for Eyelash Extensions - Neicha
13,52€ 16,90€ -20%

Glue for lash extensions with very fast drying time and long duration. It emits fewer vapors than the Ultimate Glue. It is more liquid than Elite glue. For professional experts in eyelash extensions.  Select the size: 5g.-3g. Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

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Ultimate Glue for Eyelashes
12,69€ 15,87€ -20%

Glue for lash extensions with very fast drying time and prolonged duration. Ideal for professional experts in eyelash extensions. It has very good results in humid areas. Select the size: 5 g or 3 g Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

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Novelty Glue for Eyelash Extensions - Neicha
13,62€ 17,02€ -20%

Glue for professional use. Perfect for any technique even mega volume. Its formula works even in hot climates with high temperatures. Its consistency is extra liquid. Content: 3 g or 5 g

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Speed bonder for eyelash extensions - Imperium
19,83€ 24,79€ -20%

It helps improve retention of lash extensions by strengthening the bond between the natural lash and the extension. In addition, it neutralizes the vapors of the glue, minimizing the irritation that the glue can cause to the eyes. It should be applied with a moistened microbrush at the point of union of the extension with the natural eyelash. Content:...

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Dolly's Lash Lifting Glue
13,85€ 17,31€ -20%

The Lifting Glue allows to fix the eyelashes to the silicon pads to lift the eyelashes gently from the base and to attach the mold to the eyelid. Content: 5 ml. PAO (period after opening): 6 months. Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

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Lomansa Lash Lifting Adhesive
13,19€ 16,49€ -20%

Adhesive for Eyelash Lifting. It is used to attach the mold to the eyelid and the eyelashes to the mold.  Content: 5 ml. PAO (period after opening): 6 months.

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Lifting Eyelash Glue Duo Thuya
17,84€ 22,31€ -20%

Glue to adhere the silicone pad to the eyelid and the eyelashes for the lash lifting service. It has a brush to facilitate its application. Content: 14ml Approximately for 95 services PAO: 6 months * Product derived from latex. We recommend carrying out a tolerance test before applying it to the service.

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Eyelash extensions glue odor neutralizer
6,32€ 7,90€ -20%

Helps to neutralize the odor of the glues of lash and eyebrows extensions. Provides a pleasant and relaxing smell during the extension application service. Content: 60 ml.

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Cap with needle for glue - 5 units
1,28€ 1,60€ -20%

Cap for eyelash extension glues. It helps preventing glue from sticking to the glue nozzle. The needle allows the extraction of the glue with fluidity facilitating its reuse and benefit from it to the maximum. Content: 5 units

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Digital thermometer and hygrometer
5,59€ 6,98€ -20%

Digital thermometer with which you can measure the temperature and humidity in your cabin, to ensure that you have the perfect conditions to get the most out of your adhesive. You have the option to stand it on the table or hang it on the wall. Content: 1 unit + 2 AAA 1.5V batteries LCD display indicating temperature, humidity and time White color

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Hermetic container or the lash extensions glue
6,56€ 8,20€ -20%

Hermetic black container that keeps the glue protected from moisture. Being totally opaque, it also prevents light penetration. With this container, you will keep your glues always in optimal conditions. Content: 1 unit

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Strip Eyelashes Glue
2,32€ 2,90€ -20%

Description: Specialised glue for strip eyelashes. Content: 5g.

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Thuya Eyelash Lifting Glue
11,17€ 13,97€ -20%

Lifting glue, provides great adhesion to the skin and lash lift pads. Its formula has great fixing power to work in the best conditions. Easy to remove with water and leaves no residue. Content: 5 ml Duration once opened: 3 months

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What is Eyelash Extension Glue?

It is the product with which we join the extensions of eyelashes with the natural eyelash. It is a compound free of latex and formaldehyde. They are adhesives of great power of glue and a long-lasting that will make your work of lash extensions last as long as possible in the natural lash.

All our adhesives have passed Spain and the European Union sanitary controls to ensure us that they do not contain any harmful ingredients.

The adhesives we offer at Seena Owell are all black in color and you can find them in sizes of 3 grams and 5 grams.

In the case of people who are prone to allergies, a test can be carried out 48 hours before the service. An eyelash extension would be placed in each eye of the same length as its eyelash. If after 24 hours the person has not had an allergic reaction, the service can be performed without any problem. If you have had a reaction, you can work with a hypo-allergenic eyelash glue that is a vapor-free glue, indicated for people with allergies or intolerances to this type of substance.

How to preserve the glue of extensions of eyelashes

The glues for extensions of open eyelashes have a maximum life of 2 months.

Our adhesives are formulated to work with them at a humidity level between 45% - 75%. The less humidity we have in the environment, the better the result will be.

It is important to keep the glue away from any source of light and heat and place it in an upright position. In this way, the glue will always be in its best state.

Our glues are always accompanied by an airtight bag and a small sachet of salt. The hermetic bag will ensure that our glue is not constantly in direct contact with light, as this can alter its components. The salt bag will help remove moisture from the airtight bag.

It is very important to clean the opening of the glue for eyelash extensions every time you use it because, if you don't, the glue will dry out and it is very likely that a plug will be produced, thus preventing its use.  It is advisable to clean it with cellulose, since if we clean it with cotton, the fibers may remain adhered to the container.

It is not recommended to keep them in the fridge. Temperature changes can affect the effectiveness of the components that make up the glues. To obtain a good result in the placement of the eyelash extensions it is recommended to work with an ambient temperature between 190 and 200.  Keeping the glue in direct contact with sunlight can affect the product, as this will increase the glue temperature and therefore, the composition of the adhesive will change.

Best glue for eyelash extensions

In Seena Owell you can find different types of adhesives, each specially designed for each job.

o   Sensitive Eye Glue (Hypo-allergenic Extension Glue) is a vapor-free eyelash extension glue with a bonding power [5/10]. Its duration in the eyelash is very limited because it does not have steam and its glue power is lower. It is indicated for working express looks and for people with allergies.

o   The Elite Glue is an adhesive for extensions of eyelashes that has great power of sticking [9/10].  It is the perfect glue to work hair by hair extensions. It has a long duration on the eyelash and dries in about 3 seconds.

o   The Ultimate Glue is a glue for extensions of lashes with a very high bonding power [10/10].  It is recommended for working Russian volume.  As it dries in 1 second, it allows you to place the fan on the natural eyelash, and not closing it.

Eyebrow extensions glue

We also have available an eyebrow extension glue. This glue is not medically graded, so it can never touch the skin.  Eyebrow extensions should always be applied hair on hair, just like eyelash extensions.

It lasts approximately in the hair of 2 weeks. 

Strong Glue for Eyebrows Extension is fast drying and transparent in color.

Eyelash Lift Adhesives

In this category, you can also find the lifting glue, with which the molds are glued on the eyelid and the eyelashes on the molds.

Glue for strip tabs

This glue is used to place the strip tabs, perfect for a special event.

Other products for extensions of eyelashes and eyebrows

The drop glue sticker is a sticker that is placed on top of the jade stone. This sticker will help us not to stain the stone, and the glue will not dry out at any time during our eyelash or eyebrow extensions treatment.

The smell neutralizer is a product that as its name suggests, neutralizes the glue vapor of eyelash extensions, thus making the client feel neither itching nor stinging.  With a simple spray, any trace of smell from the environment will disappear.

The needle plug for glue is a very useful product. After using the glue, and after removing the excess from the opening, we can place this cover, so that, the glue will never stick in the opening and we will prevent air from entering. This will help the product to last as long as possible in perfect condition.