5 Aftercare Pack for end customer
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This pack includes the necessary products to form 5 aftercare kits for sale to customers. This way, we ensure that the clients comply with the care at home. Contents: 5 Black extension coating Neicha  5 Make-up remover foams Imperium 5 Eyelash cleaning brushes 5 Protective eyelash masks 10 Brushes for eyelashes with lid

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5 Basic Aftercare Pack for final client
74,79€ 106,84€ -30%

Basic pack to sell to your client after doing the eyelash extensions. In this way we will ensure that the client complies with the aftercare, cleaning the extensions at home, for a longer duration and for avoiding infections. Includes 5 products of each, to create 5 sales kits for customers.

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Black Eyelash Extensions Coating Neicha

This coating forms an insulating layer against dirt, oil or dust, making the eyelashes shine. Indicated for : After applying eyelash extensions, to encapsulate the glue and protect eyelash extensions by prolonging their life. After eyelash lift to keep the curl longer. Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

Eyelash Extensions Clear Coating Puluk

Clear coating that provides protection and shine to natural lashes and eyelash extensions. Apply every 2 or 3 days after washing the eyelashes. Color: Clear Content: 10 ml Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

Eyelash Extensions Black Coating Puluk

Black coating specially formulated to protect natural lashes and extensions from dirt, prolonging the life of the extensions as long as possible. Apply every 2 or 3 days after washing the eyelashes. Color: Black Content: 10 ml Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

Black Mascara for Eyelash Extensions Puluk

Oil free mascara special for eyelash extensions. It increases the volume of the eyelashes and it can be applied both on the eyelash extensions and on the natural eyelashes. This product is for sale to the final customer. Colour: Black Content: 10 ml. Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

Eyelash Moisturizing Serum Puluk

Contains hydrolyzed collagen and nutrients that help maintain healthy, natural lashes, shiny and prolongs the eyelash lifting effect. It also helps nourish thin or weak eyelashes from frequent use of extensions or lifting. Content: 10 ml. Colour: Transparent Consistency: Liquid Product registered in the European Portal of Cosmetic Products (CPNP)

Keratin Boost for Eyelashes

It contains Keratin providing the necessary nutrition to protect and activate the epithelial cells of the eyelashes, making the eyelashes brighter and healthier. It is used at the end of the eyelash lifting service. Also use it daily for the strengthening of the eyelashes. Note: Do not use it before applying eyelash extensions (due to its coating...

Eyelash Serum Set Lash Filler BTX Thuya

With its formula it rejuvenates, hydrates, rebuilds and redensifies the natural eyelashes. It regenerates the eyelashes, reduces and prevents hair loss while stimulating their growth. It provides thickness and body to the eyelashes. Content: 1 Lash Filler BTX 5 ml 10 mascara brushes 10 applicators

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Evoeye Eyelash Formula

It helps to get thicker and longer eyelashes, naturally. Its advanced formula increases the length and thickness of the eyelashes in just 4 weeks. Compatible with eyelash extensions. Recommended retail price: € 69.90 (VAT included) Content: 3 ml ALSO AVAILABLE IN EXHIBITOR OF 6 UNITS + 1 UNIT FREE: IDEAL FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC IN BEAUTY SALONS

EvoLips Volumizing for lips

The special mixture of ingredients makes the lips full and juicy. The results are immediate and last for hours. EvoLips Volumizing Lips keeps the lips exceptionally hydrated, softens the profile of the lip, improves the elasticity of the skin and offers a surprising transparent shine. ALSO AVAILABLE IN  6 UNITS + 1 UNIT FREE: IDEAL FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC...

Evoeye Eyebrow Formula

Help to get more populated and abundant eyebrows in just 4 weeks. Its formula stimulates the new growth of hair follicles asleep in the area of ​​the eyebrows. Recommended retail price: € 69.90 (VAT included) Content: 6 ml. ALSO AVAILABLE IN EXHIBITOR OF 6 UNITS + 1 UNIT FREE: IDEAL FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC IN BEAUTY SALONS

Eyelash protection mask

Eyelash pattern mask designed to protect clients' lash extensions and help eliminate light for better sleep. It consists of a concave side to prevent the extensions from being crushed and disheveled. It contains an adjustable and elastic strap with a velcro closure to fit anyone. Content: 1 Unit One size Colors: Pink or black

Brow & Lash Makeup Remover Foam Imperium

The perfect foam for cleaning eyebrows and eyelashes, before any eyebrow or eyelash treatment. The foam is antibacterial and free of oils and parabens. Content: 40ml

Makeup remover foam for eyebrows and eyelashes – Refectocil

Makeup remover foam for eyelash and eyebrow services. It contains Aloe Vera and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. To achieve optimal results, the foam should be massaged into the area to be cleaned. Content: 45ml Duration once opened: 6 months

Regenerating eyelash cream with argan oil Thuya

Regenerating cream that stimulates the strengthening, regeneration and nutrition of natural eyelashes. It is especially indicated for after treatments such as eyelash lifting, lamination or tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows. Content: 15ml Vegan product Cruelty free

Eyelash Extension coating DV

Transparent coating for eyelash extensions. Its small brush allows you to reach all the eyelashes, forms an insulating layer against dirt or grease and adding shine to the eyelashes. Content: 7ml

Booster Gel Thuya

The Booster Gel is a serum that gives intensity to the look, achieving longer, more extreme and voluminous eyelashes and thicker eyebrows. It has active ingredients such as Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Curcuma Longa and Panthenol, these components help provide density and thickness to the hair in 4-6 weeks. Not suitable for use with eyelash extensions...

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Balm with castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows

Night balm for eyelashes and eyebrows. It contains castor oil, vitamins and oils that help strengthen eyebrow and eyelash hair, providing more shine and density.   Content: 9 ml

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All aesthetic technicians know that eyelash and eyebrow care products are very important for each service to have good results. Therefore, we are going to tell you about the products available in Seena Owell, so that, you can advise all your clients correctly.

Eyelash extensions Care

For the eyelash extensions, we can find several care products:

  •         Transparent sealer for eyelash extensions: This product is designed to encapsulate the glue making the lash extensions last longer. In addition, it keeps the natural eyelash, shiny and hydrated. The container includes a brush. Applying it is very easy. It is necessary to comb the root eyelashes depositing the product and separating them.
  •         Black sealer for eyelash extensions: It fulfills the same function as a transparent sealant. The big difference is, that this product is black. This will give a more volume feeling in the eyelash’s extensions. This product can only be removed with water. Its continuous use helps lash extensions last as long as possible in the natural eyelash.

It is recommended to apply the sealant twice a day (morning and night) to obtain the desired results.

  •         Mascara for eyelash extensions: This product is designed for all those presumed customers who want to make up their eyelashes despite wearing eyelash extensions.  Its main component is Pro-vitamin B5 which acts as a conditioner and protects the natural eyelash. It provides up to 50% more volume. Contrary to the eyelash extension sealer, this product needs to be removed.  Since it is a water-based mask, does not affect the glue, so it can be used daily. It is applied like any mascara, so it is very easy to use.

Care of natural eyelashes

For the natural eyelash, we can find the following products:

  •         Nourishing essence for eyelashes and eyebrows: This product is composed of medicinal herbs that will help the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows leaving them hydrated. A thin layer should be applied in the morning and at night over the damaged eyebrows or eyebrows. Formed by a moisturizing compound will make natural eyelashes begin to grow stronger and healthier from the first application.
  •         Moisturizing Serum for eyelash extensions: This product protects the cuticle of the natural eyelash and makes the eyelashes grow stronger and nourished. This product is designed to lengthen the effect of eyelash lifting. It is composed of a mixture of oils that will nourish the natural eyelash in depth. Ideal for after the Eyelash Lifting. You can sell this product to your client to be applied at home daily.

One of our latest new products is the cleansing foam. A very soft white foam that will help to remove makeup and existing fat in the eye penetrating to the root of the eyelash without entering the eye. It can be used with or without eyelash extensions. Its application must be done with a special cleaning brush. You can also sell this product to your clients for daily use. This product is free of parabens and is ophthalmologically tested.

Care after microblading

You will also find Gold Bloom Bioactive, a cream rich in Aloe Vera and calendula oil that will help to regenerate and keep the skin hydrated after microblading or micro pigmentation treatment. This cream forms a protective film that helps isolate the area from any infection. It should be applied 4 or 5 times a day for the first 15 days after the treatment. It is a very moisturizing cream with no greasy texture that will help to heal quickly. This product is for sale to all clients who have undergone a micropigmentation or microblading treatment.