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Perfect round cottons to remove make-up from eyelashes before any service. They can also be used for the application of products such as make-up remover milk and toner during facial treatments. Content: 500 units

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Pre-cut cellulose dressings of 4 x 5 cm. Does not release fibers, indicated for cleaning the nails. Pre-cut, easily separable with the hands by the die-cut. Soft with the skin, layers of highly absorbent padded cellulose. It contains two rolls of 500 pre-cut units of 4 x 5 cm.

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Disposable super-absorbent cellulose towels. Size: 30 X 40 cm Content: 75 units

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Disposable compact cellulose towel to clean hands or feet during the manicure or pedicure service eliminating the remains of products such as exfoliants or even dust. Each wipe is individually packaged. Its use is very comfortable and original. Place it in a bowl and apply water with some kind of essence to make your services unique.

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Distributor of aluminum sheets. These sheets are designed to easily remove permanent, acrylic or acrygel varnish. Contents: 1 Dispenser + 400 aluminum sheets

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Pre-cut foil sheets perfect for removing permanent nail polish and acrylic or acrygel ones. Content: 1 pack of 400 units Size: 8 X 11 cm

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Orangewood sticks are used as cuticle pushers in manicures and pedicures. They can also be used to remove dirt from inside the nail. Content: 100 units Length : 12 cm

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They are very useful for cleaning the nozzles from the glues of the eyelash extensions without leaving lint or residue. They are also ideal for removing and cleaning nail polish or cleaning the base of the nail before applying makeup without leaving residue. They are made of a lint-free cotton fabric. Content: Box with 180 units. Dimensions: 5 x 5 cm.

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Osmotic film roll perfect for pedicure services. It can be used with the Premium Remove hardness softener to help the product act faster. Also to wrap the foot in nourishing treatments. Contents: 1 unit Size: 30 cm x 300 meters

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Disposable plastic protective covers. The cover is placed in the pedicure tub making the service hygienic and safe. It must be discarded after use. Content: 100 units Size: 48 X 45 X 15 cm (width, length, sides)

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They are easy to install and offer comfortable use by providing a very secure grip in both wet and dry conditions. It is made with 100% latex, in cream color, without powder. These gloves are suitable for tasks that require a high degree of dexterity and their objective is to protect the user against microorganisms and dirt. Content: Box of 100 units....

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Nitrile gloves ideal for users who have allergic reactions to latex. Made of 100% nitrile, they protect against microorganisms, viruses and dirt, as long as they are not harmful substances. They do not contain dust. They have greater puncture resistance than latex gloves. Content: Box of 100 units Sizes: S or M

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Disposable latex-free vinyl gloves. They have AQL 1.0. quality level and they comply with European regulations. This is a Class I Medical Device. Size: S  Color: White Content: 100 units

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“Blood stopper” matches, antiseptic and very easy to use. Moisten the tip of the matchstick with water to stop a minor bleeding and heal in case of a small cut. Content: 1 pack of 20 matches

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Disposable flip flops Content: 12 pairs

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Soft EVA foam separators to facilitate the toenail polish application. Content: 200 units (100 pairs)

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