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Maderotherapy Oils Kit
50,91€ 63,64€ -20%

Kit for reducing or firming massages. You can use these oils to perform manual massages as well as with wood instruments or other tools. They are formulated with essential oils, vitamin E etc. The kit contains: Reducing oil 500 ml Imperium Firming oil 500 ml Imperium

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Aromatic Massage Oil
20,46€ 25,58€ -20%

Oil for relaxing massages or other techniques. Helps during performing massage to act more intensely about the needs of the client. Moisturizes and helps nourish the skin. Content: 1 liter

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Chocolate oil
17,16€ 21,45€ -20%

Massage oil with cocoa flavour with a touch of orange. It has a sweet almond oil that acts as a moisturizer that helps retain the hydration of the area for a long time. It has a great combination of vitamins to delay premature skin aging. Content: 1000 ml.

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Sculpting Massage Oil Wherteimar250 ml

The formula helps to mold the body and sculpt the silhouette. It helps reduce weight and fluid retention. It has an effective draining action that activates the microcirculation and tones the skin. Content: 250 ml

Firming Oil Wherteimar 250 ml

Firming oil that improves skin elasticity and muscle tone with a tightening action. Apply a small amount to the area to be treated and massage until the area is heated. It can be combined with manual massage or massage appliances. Content: 250 ml

Sculting Massage Oil Imperium
25,45€ 31,82€ -20%

Body oil suitable for massage with wood therapy or other techniques. This amazing vegetable oil helps eliminate toxins, thanks to its draining effect, and promotes healthy skin, improving its elasticity and smoothness. Content : 500ml

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Firming Massage Oil Imperium
25,45€ 31,82€ -20%

Body oil suitable for firming massage with wood therapy or other techniques. Thanks to the combination of essential oils it contains, this amazing oil tonifies, softens, and improves the appearance of areas that present flaccidity, preventing the loss of firmness of the tissues. Content : 500ml

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Rosehip oil for massage 1L
46,21€ 57,77€ -20%

Rosehip oil for body and facial massages. It helps regenerate the skin while it also has a moisturizing factor that helps improve skin hydration by preventing the removal of water from the upper layers of the skin. It helps reduce scars, has a toning action, and prevents cell oxidation. Content: 1 Liter

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Sweet almond oil for massage 1L
10,21€ 12,77€ -20%

Oil suitable for all types of massages. It has properties that provide elasticity and smoothness to the skin. It has great skin penetration, but without leaving the skin greasy to provide greater comfort to the client. Suitable for all skin types. Content: 1 Liter

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Chocolate body peeling

Mechanical body peeling with chocolate aroma. Removes dead skin cells, gets a softer and brighter skin. Contains olive bone and micronized apricot to perform a good body exfoliation. Content: 500 ml.

Body Peeling

Body scrub of different aromas. Removes dead skin cells leaving it soft, clean and luminous. It provides extra hydration to the skin thanks to the almond oil and salt of the Dead Sea that has great properties for the skin. Content: 800 gr

Exfoliating cream

Body peel indicated before any body treatment. Also eliminates dead cells and makes the skin more smooth and prepares skin for subsequent treatments. Its texture of crem allows to remove it easily, leaving the skin softer and smoother. • Content: 500 ml How to use it: Apply on the area to be treated, extend the product and massage. Remove with water

Body Massage Cream

Cream for body massages that allows you to easily work in treatment areas. It has the perfect texture to provide a sliding during the massage. It does not leave any fat sensation or residue. • Content: 1000 ml

Cryo-thermal gel

Effective hypothermizing gel for foot treatments, legs or any tired or congested area. Contains Menthol, Mentil Lactate, Aloe Vera juice that provides a freshness effect on the skin. It helps decrease the feeling of heaviness and tingling in the area. • Content: 500 ml

Thermo active Cream Wherteimar 500 ml

Thermo active cream gel with draining calorific effect. Combat fat accumulations in localized areas. Remarkably improves cellulite and the skin appearance. It produces hyperemia (redness, heat and itching) that favors the absorption of active principles. This hyperemia disappears gradually. Content: 500 ml

Firming Cream Wherteimar 500 ml

Ultra fast absorption firming cream for all skin types. Firms the epidermal tissue. Strengthens the elasticity of the skin and leaves it hydrated and soft. Content: 500 ml

Body Modeling Concentrate Wherteimar 100 ml

Body modeling concentrated serum with moisturizing, draining and slimming action. Perfect for areas with accumulations of fat and cellulite. For all skin types. Content: 100 ml

Calming Cream with Cannabis Sativa Oil

Calming cream ideal for sports, relaxing and anti-stress massages. Recommended to apply at the end of the wood therapy treatment to calm the worked areas.Also in a small format for home use: It can be applied daily to areas such as the legs to relieve fatigue and varicose veins. Content: 100 ml or 1000 ml or Pack on display 5 + 1 unit for free

Ultrafresh Gel with Hypothermic Action

Hypothermic gel with cold effect perfect for body massages. Designed to relieve problems such as tired, congested or sore legs. Contains plant extracts of Horse Chestnut and Centella Asiatica that provide soothing and draining properties. Contents: 1000 ml

Body massage cream

Cream rich in sunflower oil, calendula extract and Vitamin E. Perfect for body massages. Provides a silky texture to the skin and does not leave a greasy finish. Thanks to the mixture of these components it allows a perfect glide of the hands and massage utensils. Contents: 1000 ml

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