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Wax Heater with Thermostat

Hot wax heater with adjustable thermostat to calculate the temperature at which you want to heat the wax. It can be used with hot wax discs, tablets or pearls. Contents: 1 unit Capacity: 0.8 o 0.4 kg Power: 175 W

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Facial Wax Fuser Pollie 125 ml

Wax heater perfect to use for waxing small areas such as upper lip, eyebrows, or chin. It has an adjustable thermostat to set the temperature. It can be used with warm wax beads, beans, or discs. Contents: 1 unit Capacity: 125 ml Power: 40 W

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Heater for Depilatory Wax Roll-on

Heater for wax roll-on that adapts to the heaters base. It includes a connector to the electrical power in order to use it individually too. Contents: 1 unit Power: 20 W

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Double Base for Roll-on Wax Heaters

Base for 2 heaters of roll-on wax. Includes a connector to the electrical power. Contents: 1 unit Power: 40 W

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Needles for electric hair removal

High-quality needles for electric hair removal. They are made of surgical stainless steel; their thickness is 0.5, 1.00 mm or 1.5 mm mm and their shape is straight. Content: 1 Box with 50 needles

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Depilatory wax roll-on

Liposoluble hair removal warm wax roller. Strong grip, it glides smoothly over the skin and is easily removed with the depilatory strips. It should be placed in the wax warmer and this, in turn, in the warming base. Content: 110 gr (100 ml) Choose between several types

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Wax tablets for hair removal

Low melting-point hair removal wax. Strong adhesion and effective removal. It is applied with a wax spatula directly on the skin. Check before applying that the temperature is suitable. 3 types of wax available for different skin types. Content: 1 kg Choose between ROSE, WINE

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Wax pearls for depilation Pollié – 1 kg

Wax pearls for depilation melts at low temperature. This product is skin friendly and leaves no residue. Ideal for sensitive skin. Very soft and doesnn’t irritate the skin. It can be used anywhere on the body and removes up to 98% of unwanted hair. They contain natural ingredients that help care for the skin. Content: 1KG Choose between: Aloe Vera,...

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Depilatory strips for lukewarm wax - 100 units

Disposable cellulose depilatory bands for lukewarm wax. Easy to grip on lukewarm wax. Content: 1 pack of 100 units Size: 23 X 7.5 cm

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Spatulas for hot wax - 100 units

Wooden spatulas for applying hot wax. It should be discarded after each service is completed. Choose between the two available sizes. Content: 1 pack of 100 units 3 Sizes to choose from

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Post hair removal gel 99% Aloe Vera 500 ml

Post hair removal gel with Aloe Vera. It contains soothing ingredients that relax the skin after waxing, leaving a pleasant sensation. Its composition is 99% Aloe Vera. Content: 500 ml

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Hair inhibiting gel Complex Herbal 500 ml

Post-depilation gel based on Aloe Vera and herbs, with moisturizing properties suitable for finishing depilation and slowing down hair growth, making it grow weaker. Indicated for all skin types and for daily use. Content: 500ml Without parabens, without silicones, and cruelty-free.

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Disposable thongs for women - 100 units

Disposable cellulose thongs for hair removal care. Single use and with adaptable elastic. Content: 100 units

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Stretcher paper – Roll 80 m

Thick cellulose paper roll that perfectly covers the stretcher thus avoiding dirt and stains. Perfect for creating a safe and hygienic space in your cabin. It does not have a pre-cut so it adapts to the size of any stretcher since you can cut it wherever you prefer. Content: 1 unit or 6 units pack Size: 58 cm wide X 80 meters long

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Talcum powder

Extra fine scented talcum powder. Perfect for preparing the skin before waxing. They absorb moisture immediately. Dermatologically tested. Contents: 200 g

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Wax Appliance Cleaner Pollie 500 ml

Spray cleaner formulated to clean wax from all surfaces including vinyl and plastic. This product should never touch the skin, so it is recommended to always use it with gloves. Keep out of the reach of children. Content: 500 ml

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Facial wax applicator Imperium

 Metal tool ideal for applying facial wax in hair removal services. Content: 1 unit Material: stainless steel

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Metal wax spatula with wooden handle

Metal spatula with wooden handle, to perform hair removal services with hot wax. Thanks to its long handle, it makes it easy to apply the wax to any part of the body. Content: 1 Unit Size: 21.5cm

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Wooden wax spatula with handle 200 mm

Wooden spatula for body hair removal. It allows a uniform application and facilitates the application of the wax. Content: 1 Unit Size: 20 cm

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Conductive Gel

Transparent conductive gel especially suitable for treatments with aparatologia such as laser, IPL etc. • Content: 950 ml How to use it: Apply with a spatula on the area to be treated and use the handle according to device.

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