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Premium Acrylic powder for nail construction. Very fine porcelain powder. It is recommended to work it with the Thuya monomer for perfect adhesion and duration. Content: 90g Colour to choose: Opaque Pink Peach Milky

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Body scrub of different aromas. Removes dead skin cells leaving it soft, clean and luminous. It provides extra hydration to the skin thanks to the almond oil and salt of the Dead Sea that has great properties for the skin. Content: 800 gr


Massage oil with cocoa flavour with a touch of orange. It has a sweet almond oil that acts as a moisturizer that helps retain the hydration of the area for a long time. It has a great combination of vitamins to delay premature skin aging. Content: 1000 ml.

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It helps to protect the skin and restore the natural shine of the face. Thanks to its components it adapts easily to the face. It contains Cacao that provides the skin with the necessary hydration and nutrition. Content: 250 ml.

Mechanical body peeling with chocolate aroma. Removes dead skin cells, gets a softer and brighter skin. Contains olive bone and micronized apricot to perform a good body exfoliation. Content: 500 ml.

Mechanical face peeling with chocolate aroma. Removes dead skin cells to achieved softer and brighter skin. Contains Grape Seed Oil that is a great antioxidant, Orange Essential Oil that has a great antioxidant power and Cocoa that provides skin nutrition. Content: 200 ml.

Pack of alginate masks for different skin types. They contain very effective active ingredients to ensure great results. Content: 6 Single-dose of 30 gr.


Oil for relaxing massages or other techniques. Helps during performing massage to act more intensely about the needs of the client. Moisturizes and helps nourish the skin. Content: 1 liter

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Eyelash lifting and permanent kit in single-dose format. Contains all the products necessary to perform the service.

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Concentrate contains Hyaluronic Acid and Osmoactive Molecules that help retain water in the deeper layers of the skin. Ptotheoglycans favors the synthesis of new hyaluronic acid and new collagen. The skin looks lighter and brighter. Indicated for dry skin or skin which need an extra dose of hydration. • Content: 30 units of 2 ml

It acts against elements that cause stress on the skin such as UV radiation, blue light, pollution etc. It contains Hyaluronic Acid that moisturize the skin in depth, Vitamin C, Azelaic Acid which are responsible for neutralizing free radicals, blue light and electromagnetic radiation. • Content: 30 units of 2 ml

It contains Super Hyaluronic Acid with a great anti-aging effect that protects the native collagen from its degradation and exerts a powerful antioxidant action against pollution. It also contains Niacinamide that helps correct skin tone by reducing the appearance of dull skin. Suitable for mature, dull skin and cetrin. • Content: 30 units of 2 ml

Acid emulsion suitable for all skin types. Helps restore the hydrolipid mantle and natural skin pH after hair removal services. Soothes and moisturizes the skin helping to prevent the appearance of redness and irritations • Content: 800 ml

Effective hypothermizing gel for foot treatments, legs or any tired or congested area. Contains Menthol, Mentil Lactate, Aloe Vera juice that provides a freshness effect on the skin. It helps decrease the feeling of heaviness and tingling in the area. • Content: 500 ml

Body peel indicated before any body treatment. Also eliminates dead cells and makes the skin more smooth and prepares skin for subsequent treatments. Its texture of crem allows to remove it easily, leaving the skin softer and smoother. • Content: 500 ml How to use it: Apply on the area to be treated, extend the product and massage. Remove with water

Transparent conductive gel especially suitable for treatments with aparatologia such as laser, IPL etc. • Content: 950 ml How to use it: Apply with a spatula on the area to be treated and use the handle according to device.

Cream for body massages that allows you to easily work in treatment areas. It has the perfect texture to provide a sliding during the massage. It does not leave any fat sensation or residue. • Content: 1000 ml

Extreme Dermal Photoprotector Facial sunscreen, indispensable after performing any facial treatment to regain and protect the skin. Rich in Shea Butter and Folic Acid that helps preserve DNA in cells that damaged by sun exposure. • Content: 200 ml

Vitamin C concentrate with its two most stable and active forms. Vitamin C concentrate has a great antioxidant power.It is a great treatment against skin aging. • Content: 30 ml

Its composition combines different depigmenting assets such as Niacinamide, Octadecenoic acid or Boerhavia diffusa extract with different mechanisms of action for great results in skin with hyperpigmentation. It brings luminosity to the face and unifying the skin tone. • Content: 30 ml

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