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BB cream with sun protection factor 30. Provides a light coverage to the skin covering imperfections. Perfect to apply before your makeup base.Contents: 1 unit of 30 ml 3 shades available: Light, Medium, Dark Coverage: Medium Active ingredients: Sweet almond oil, silicone elastomer, glycerin and sorbitol. Vegan product and not tested on animals.

Oil-free liquid texture foundation that leaves a uniform and natural effect.Contents: 1 unit of 30 ml 4 Shades available: Beige (Light), Cool (Pink undertone), Sand (Medium skin), Dark (Dark skin) Coverage: Medium Vegan product and not tested on animals.

Drop-shaped makeup sponge. The tip is used to work smaller areas such as eye bags or sides of the nose. The rounded part serves to blend makeup along the face.Content: 1 unit Color: Nude

Mascara with an innovative formula that gives length and volume without leaving clumps on the lashes. Apply it from the roots to the ends. Its formula contains the strengthening compound for eyelashes, making them grow stronger and longer. Color: Black Content: 5 ml ALSO AVAILABLE ON DISPLAY 6 UNITS + 1 UNIT FOR FREE: IDEAL FOR SALE TO THE PUBLIC IN...

Clear coating that provides protection and shine to natural lashes and eyelash extensions. Apply every 2 or 3 days after washing the eyelashes.Color: Clear Content: 10 ml

Black coating specially formulated to protect natural lashes and extensions from dirt, prolonging the life of the extensions as long as possible. Apply every 2 or 3 days after washing the eyelashes.Color: Black Content: 10 ml

Extra soft cotton finger puff that allows you to apply loose or compact powders. It can also be used to support your hand on the face during eye makeup. This way your client's makeup won't budge.Content: 1 unit Color: Beige Diameter: 6 cm

Flat latex sponge suitable for applying makeup base. It can be used both wet and dry. It is advisable to discard each sponge after use to avoid contaminating the skin.Content: 24 units Color: Pink and purple

Pack consisting of 1 nail hardener and 1 cuticle treatment with hyaluronic acid that protects and restores the cuticle without leaving a greasy feeling. Content:1 nail hardener of 14ml 1 cuticle treatment of 14 ml


Liquid cuticle softener that penetrates the cuticle, softening it. In this way its removal is much easier and painless. Its formula contains Extracts of Mango, Acai, Aloe and Vitamin E.Content: To choose between 30 ml or 250 ml Not tested on animals, Vegan and Ecofriendly formula

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Clay-based and refined pumice-based scrub. It can be used all over the body. Perfect for pedicure and manicure services. Its formula contains Mango, Acai and Goyi Extracts and Jojoba, Grape Seed and Sunflower Oils.Content: 241 g Not tested on animals, Vegan and Ecofriendly formula

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Repair cream for dry skin. With its thick texture, it fixes on the skin and penetrates, helping to soften it and repair damage, leaving it healthy and smooth. Perfect for cracked elbows, knees, calluses, hands and heels. Contains Mango Seed, Aloe, Grape Seed, Jojoba and Vitamin E.Content: 1 Unit 113.4 g or Pack 3 x 113.4 g Not tested on animals, Vegan...

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Hygiene foam made with foaming agents of vegetable origin, free of PEG and sulfates. It has soothing and regenerating properties. Perfect for daily cleaning recently pigmented skin with microblading or micropigmentation.Content: 125 ml

Soapy solution free of PEG, sulfates and preservatives. This foam contains bioactive agents with soothing action. It is advisable to use it during the micropigmentation or microblading procedure. It helps reduce redness and irritated skin after the procedure.Content: 220 ml

Mascara-type brow fixer that allows you to outline the contour and fix the brow easily. It is water resistant and must be removed with a micellar make-up remover.Content: 10 g Available in 4 shades: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Blonde

Hardening base that manages to rebuild the superficial layers of the nails, making them grow beautiful and stronger. For a more intensive treatment it is recommended to use it at least twice a week.Content: 12 mlAlso available in DISPLAY OF 12 UNITS (11 + 1 as a gift), ideal for sale to the public in beauty salons.

Nail hardener nail polish that forms a protective barrier, preventing chipping, peeling and splitting.Content: 14 ml.Also available in PACK OF 16 UNITS (14 + 2 gratis) ideal for sale to the public in beauty salons.

Hydrogen peroxide cream to whiten the area. It should be removed with water after 3-4 minutes. Perfect for depigmenting treatments for spots on the face and hands. For a greater whitening effect, combine it with vials of Kojico & Retinol. This cream can be sold to the customer for their daily routine.Content: 30 ml

Cream with sun protection factor 50+ and hyaluronic acid with a light texture and fast absorption. It should be used on all skin types after any micropuncture treatment with Dermapen. This cream can be sold to the clients for their daily routine.Content: 100 ml

Calming cream ideal for sports, relaxing and anti-stress massages. Recommended to apply at the end of the wood therapy treatment to calm the worked areas.Also in a small format for home use: It can be applied daily to areas such as the legs to relieve fatigue and varicose veins.Content: 100 ml or 1000 ml or Pack on display 5 + 1 unit for free

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