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New eyelash lifting kit with Keratin. The advantages of this system are that it decreases the exposure time of the first step to 5 minutes, reducing the total service time by approximately 30% and it also contains Keratin that helps nourish the eyelashes and activates the epithelial cells, for enjoying healthy and bright eyelashes. SEE DETAILS OF THE...

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This package contains 3 different types of rods for eyelash lifting. With the C curl rods you can get a curlier effect. With the U curl rods you can get a more natural raised eyelash effect. The L curl rods should be used for sunken eyes or Asian eyes. Content:  Rods C: 6 pairs [S, M & L]   Rods U: 5 pairs [SS, S, M, L & LL]   Rods L: 5 pairs...

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New pleasant aroma! Eyelash Lifting Kit, Dolly brand. Perfect for those who are starting to introduce this service.  Content:1 Lifting Glue (5 ml.) 1 Perm Lotion (4 ml.) 1 Setting Lotion (4 ml.) 1 Moisturizing Lotion (4 ml.) 5 pairs of Medium Silicone Pads (M) 5 pairs of Large Silicone Pads (L) 3 Tools for Eyelash Lifting "Y Brush"PAO (period after...

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Starter kit with all the necessary products to learn and start making eyelash extension services.

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Kit with the necessary products for the realization of Professional Eyelash Lifting. Approximately 20 services can be performed with the kit products.

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With this brow lamination kit, you can create defined eyebrows by correcting the direction of natural brow hair. You can smooth out very rebellious hair by filling in and giving the desired shape to the eyebrows. The effect lasts between 5 and 8 weeks. In addition, this product acts in record time! Step 1 (Lamination Lotion) works in 5 minutes and Step 2...

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Perfect kit to offer your clients this summer. You will be able to shape and color the eyebrows and eyelashes of all your clients. With this kit you can perform 4 of the most demanded services: eyebrow lamination and tinting, eyelash lifting and tinting, and it also contains the Lash Filler BTX serum.

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In this kit you will find everything you need to perform the eyelash lifting service. For 50 services approximately.  Content:1 glue 14 ml Box with 10 pads M Permanent gel 15 ml Neutralizing cream 15 ml 1 combing brush 1 orangewood stick

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Kit with the necessary products for the professional application of eyelash extensions.

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Kit with all the necessary products to perform microblading services contained in a nice briefcase.

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Kit with the necessary products to perform services of Russian volume eyelash extensions.

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With this complete kit you will have all the necessary products to perform Henna's service on your eyebrows. The kit contains:5 Colors: Dark brown, Medium brown, Light brown, Blonde & Grey 1 Henna Activator 1 Tinting Remover 1 Cleansing lotion 1 Brow scrub 1 White paste for eyebrow design 1 Beveled Henna Brush 1 glass mixing cup Measuring spoon...

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Wood therapy instruments kit designed for professionals who want to introduce this service in their centers. It contains all the basic tools to work this technique at the body level.The kit contains: 1 Roller with 4 spheres, 1 Roller “4 cubes”, 1 Diamond-shaped tips roller, 1 Swedish cup & 1 Contouring board Type Y.

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Wood therapy instrument kit designed to perform lymphatic drainage at the body level. Kit consisting of a 4-sphere roller to heat the area, a grooved roller to mobilize the lymph, a Swedish cup to drain and the F-type contouring board to redirect the lymph to the lymph nodes.Contents: 4 wooden instruments

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Wood therapy instruments kit that helps reduce orange peel skin in any body area. Kit consisting of a diamond-tipped roller with 5 wheels that allows to break localized fat, 2 “mushroom” cups, a Swedish cup with a roller and a knuckle-contouring board that helps reduce fat more insistently.Contents: 5 instruments

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Wood therapy instrument kit designed for breast and buttock enhancement treatments. It contains two different contouring boards that adapt to all parts of the body helping to reshape it. In addition, an 8-disc roller for the hip area and the lifting duo set with two flat cups.Contents: 5 wooden instruments

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Wood therapy instrument kit to treat the abdominal area. It contains a 8-disc roller that adapts perfectly to the abdomen area helping to break down localized fat and a multipurpose contouring board that can be used in different positions to drain fat towards the lymph nodes, thus facilitating its elimination.The Kit contains 2 different instruments

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Set consisting of 6 pieces to perform massages on all areas of the face, improving the natural production of collagen and elastin and attenuating expression lines. Very effective in considerably reducing localized submental fat through lymphatic massages.

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Content:1 100% Kolinsky acrylic brush number 8 1 Nails Decoration Brush 5 mm. 1 Nails Decoration Brush 9 mm.

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Content:1 Ceramic cuticle pusher 1 Cuticle nipper 1 Metallic cuticle pusher 1 Toe Nail Nipper

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In the category of eyelash and eyebrow extension kits, you can find different types of eyelash lifting kits, eyelash extensions, microblading and nails. You will find a set of products needed to perform each of the different services at a much cheaper price than if you buy all the products separately.

Eyelash Lift Kits

Within the eyelash lift service, you can find two different options: a basic kit and a professional kit.

The basic eyelash lift kit consists of the three main products to perform the service, plus a special eyelash lift glue and two mold sizes (M and L). This kit is designed for people who want to start treatment.

The professional eyelash lift kit is a much more complete kit. This kit is a perfect option if you want to introduce the service in your center, and you do not have any utensils or disposable. It also includes dye and hydrogen peroxide for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Eyelash Extension Kits

Within the service of eyelash extensions, you can find a basic kit and a professional kit.

The basic kit for eyelash extensions is indicated for people who are starting to apply eyelash extensions. It is made up of everything you need to start with the eyelash extension technique. The glue contained in the kit is a very soft and slow drying glue that will allow you to reposition the lash until it is in its proper position. In addition, it is made up of all the basic tools such as curved tweezers, straight tweezers, jade stone, etc.

The professional kit for eyelash extensions is a very complete kit. It consists of 5 large and 2 small blisters of eyelash extensions, 2 different types of glue and a variety of items needed to perform the service. It is a kit for people who have already started in the service.

Microblading Kits

The microblading kit consists of everything you need to start your microblading service. It is a professional kit. This kit also includes 2 pigments approved in Spain to work the microblading service. In this kit, we can also find two synthetic skins to practice if you are starting in the Microblading service. It also includes a design eyebrow pencil and a precious methacrylate Eyebrow Meter.

Includes 10 3-pin needles, 5 12-pin needles, 5 14-pin U-pin needles and 5 pigment deposit rings.