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Lash Lifting Kit with Keratine - Lamination

New eyelash lifting kit with Keratin. The advantages of this system are that it decreases the exposure time of the first step to 5 minutes, reducing the total service time by approximately 30% and it also contains Keratin that helps nourish the eyelashes and activates the epithelial cells, for enjoying healthy and bright eyelashes. SEE DETAILS OF THE...

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Basic Pack Eyelash Lifting Permania
43,51€ 48,35€ -10%

Basic kit to perform the eyelash lifting service. It contains an accelerator among its components, so exposure times decrease.  Contents: Step 1 Perming - 10 monodosis Step 2 Setting - 10 monodosis Step 3 Essence - 10 monodosis

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Eyelash Lifting Kit Seena Owell

Perfect pack for those who are starting to introduce this service.  Content: 1 Lifting Glue (5 ml.) 1 Perm Lotion (4 ml.) 1 Setting Lotion (4 ml.) 1 Moisturizing Lotion (4 ml.) 5 pairs of Medium Silicone Pads (M) 5 pairs of Large Silicone Pads (L) 3 Tools for Eyelash Lifting "Y Brush" PAO (period after opening): 3 months.

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Complete kit for Eyelash Lifting
100,63€ 125,79€ -20%

Kit with the necessary products for the realization of Professional Eyelash Lifting. Approximately 20 services can be performed with the kit products. ONCE OPENED, THE PERM GEL (STEP 1) AND THE SETTING GEL (STEP 2) EXPIRE AFTER 3 MONTHS!

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Rods C.U.L. curl for Eyelash Lifting

This package contains 3 different types of rods for eyelash lifting. With the C curl rods you can get a curlier effect. With the U curl rods you can get a more natural raised eyelash effect. The L curl rods should be used for sunken eyes or Asian eyes. Content:   Rods C: 6 pairs [S, M & L]   Rods U: 5 pairs [SS, S, M, L & LL]   Rods L: 5 pairs...

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Mini Kit for Lash Lift CLASSIC - Wimpernwelle

Professional kit for lash lifting with perming rods to curl the eyelash from the root and give a more dramatic look to your clients. It reduces the working time since the exposure time for Gel 1 is 12-15 minutes and Gel 2 is 8 minutes.

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Mini Kit for Lash Lift POWER PAD - Wimpernwelle

Professional eyelash lifting kit, which significantly reduces service time. The exposure time for Gel 1 is 12-15 minutes and for Gel 2 is 8 minutes. With this kit, the curved effect is created based on Power Pads, in a comfortable, attractive and safe way.

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Eyelash Lifting Kit Thuya

In this kit you will find everything you need to perform the eyelash lifting service. For 50 services approximately.  Content: 1 glue 14 ml Box with 10 pads M Permanent gel 15 ml Neutralizing cream 15 ml 1 combing brush 1 orangewood stick

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Starter Kit for Eyelash Extensions Classic Technique
97,85€ 122,31€ -20%

Starter kit with all the necessary products to start making extensions in your beauty salon.

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Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit for Russian Volume
100,20€ 125,26€ -20%

This kit contains the necessary products to perform Russian volume eyelash extension services.

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Refectocil Eyelash Perm Kit

Complete professional kit to perform the eyelash molding service. Cut service time in half. The Lash Perm has an exposure time of 8 minutes and the Neutralizer 5 minutes. Maintains curvature for 6 weeks.With this kit you can perform up to 36 services approx.

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5 Aftercare Pack for end customer
112,82€ 150,42€ -25%

This pack includes the necessary products to form 5 aftercare kits for sale to customers. This way, we ensure that the clients comply with the care at home. Contents: 5 Black extension coating Neicha  5 Make-up remover foams Imperium 5 Eyelash cleaning brushes 5 Protective eyelash masks 10 Brushes for eyelashes with lid

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Eyelash Lifting and Permanent Kit Single Dose Thuya

Eyelash lifting and permanent kit in single-dose format. Contains all the products necessary to perform the service.

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Special Lifting Kit Thuya
93,06€ 109,48€ -15%

Kit to perform eyelash lifting, from the Thuya brand. Includes all the necessary products to perform the service in your beauty center.

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Brow Lamination Kit - Imperium

Perfect kit to create very natural eyebrows with style. With these products you set your clients' eyebrows in the desired shape by correcting the direction of hair growth! Lamination lasts up to 6-8 weeks on the eyebrows.

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Eyebrow Lamination Kit - Glam Lashes

With this brow lamination kit, you can create defined eyebrows by correcting the direction of natural brow hair. You can smooth out very rebellious hair by filling in and giving the desired shape to the eyebrows. The effect lasts between 5 and 8 weeks. In addition, this product acts in record time! Step 1 (Lamination Lotion) works in 5 minutes and Step 2...

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Eyebrow lamination kit Thuya

It provides a thicker and denser appearance to the eyebrows. It changes and modifies semi-permanently the shape of the eyebrow, with a duration of 4 - 6 weeks. Content: 12 single-doses of permanent gel 12 single doses of neutralizer 1 regenerating cream

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Eyelash Extensions Kit Wispy Effect (Kim-K)
34,64€ 43,31€ -20%

Special kit to make Wispy extensions or kim effect. It contains the necessary products to carry out this highly demanded design. 1 Box of extensions Imperium Lashes Pro XD C 0.07 Mix  1 Box of extensions Wispy D 0.07 Mix 1 Novelty Glue 3 g

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Kit Refectocil Intense Browns professional

With this kit you will be able to tint your clients' eyebrows and eyelashes, creating a more intense makeup effect and more long-lasting results. With this kit you will have to perform up to 60 services. Professional use. Content: 1 kit

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5 Basic Aftercare Pack for final client
74,79€ 106,84€ -30%

Basic pack to sell to your client after doing the eyelash extensions. In this way we will ensure that the client complies with the aftercare, cleaning the extensions at home, for a longer duration and for avoiding infections. Includes 5 products of each, to create 5 sales kits for customers.

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In the category of kits for eyelash extensions, eyebrows, nails, wood therapy and aftercare for the client, you can find different types of kits to cover the needs of all clients. In them you will find the necessary products to perform each of the different services at a lower price than if you buy all the products separately.

Eyelash Lifting Kits
Within the eyelash lifting service you can find several options:

The Seena Owell eyelash lifting kit is made up of the three main products to perform the service, as well as a special glue for eyelash lifting and two sizes of molds (M and L). This kit is designed for people who want to start treatment.

The Permania Eyelash Lifting Kit is made up of the main products to perform the service, as well as a glue. A box with 3 different types of molds C, U and L with different sizes, a Keratin stimulator, a Magic Wand tool and accessories for the service.

The complete eyelash lifting kit is a much more complete kit. This kit is a perfect option if you want to introduce the service in your center and you do not have any utensils or disposables. It also includes dye and hydrogen peroxide for eyelashes and eyebrows.

In addition to these kits, you can find more kits from different brands so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Eyelash extensions Kits
Within the eyelash extensions service you can find different kits.

The initiation kit for classic technique and volume eyelash extensions is indicated for people who are just beginning to apply eyelash extensions. It is made up of everything that is needed to start with the eyelash extension placement technique.

The Eyelash Extension Kit for Practice is indicated for people who need to practice before starting to perform services on clients.

The wispy effect eyelash extensions kit is a kit to carry out the Kim effect design, you will find two different types of eyelash extensions and a quick-drying glue.

In addition to these kits for the placement of eyelash extensions, we have two aftercare kits designed so that they can be sold to the client and she can take care of and pamper her extensions.

Kits for Microblading
The microblading kit is made up of everything you need to start performing the microblading service. It is a kit for professional use. This kit also includes 2 pigments approved in Spain to work the microblading service. In the kit we can also find two synthetic skins to practice if you are starting out in the microblading service. Also composed of an eyebrow design pencil and a beautiful methacrylate eyebrow measurer.

Includes 10 needles with 3 barbs, 5 needles with 12 barbs, 5 needles with 14 barbs in U and 5 rings to deposit the pigment.

Lamination Kits
Within the eyebrow lamination kits you can find different brands and different kits:

The Imperium brand eyebrow lamination kit consists of the 2 main products for lamination and includes a botox to hydrate the eyebrows as well as a special glue and disposable products.

The Glam Lashes Eyebrow Lamination Kit consists of the three main products to perform the service, a strong hold glue and disposable products.

We also have Thuya brand kits.

Nail Kits
In this section you will find different nail construction kits, permanent enamels, manicures with a lathe and decorations.

In this section you will see that we have different brands and different packs to cover all the needs that our clients have and that they can carry out their work with the best products on the market.

Wood Therapy Kits
Within the wood therapy service you can find several options:

The initiation wood therapy kit In this kit you will find all the basic woods to be able to perform the service.

The anti-cellulite wood therapy Kit consists of all the necessary woods to reduce fat more insistently.

These kits are some of the ones you can find, we have much more variety of kits. Our woods come from Colombia and the Urapán tree.

We also have a facial wood therapy kit that is made up of 6 pieces to cover all areas of the face. With this kit we help to produce collagen and elastin naturally, attenuate expression lines and reduce localized double chin fat.