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Anti-aging correction concentrate

It contains Super Hyaluronic Acid with a great anti-aging effect that protects the native collagen from its degradation and exerts a powerful antioxidant action against pollution. It also contains Niacinamide that helps correct skin tone by reducing the appearance of dull skin. Suitable for mature, dull skin and cetrin. • Content: 30 units of 2 ml

Anti-polution Action Concentrate

It acts against elements that cause stress on the skin such as UV radiation, blue light, pollution etc. It contains Hyaluronic Acid that moisturize the skin in depth, Vitamin C, Azelaic Acid which are responsible for neutralizing free radicals, blue light and electromagnetic radiation. • Content: 30 units of 2 ml

Balancing Cream

Cremigel indicated for mixed or oily skin, rich on extract of Barosma betulina, Provi8tamina B5, Vitamins B1, B3, B6 and B12. Regulates sebaceous secretion, moisturizes, mattifies and minimizes dilated pore • Content: 200 ml

Balancing mask

Face mask for extractive deep cleaning, suitable for oily and mixed skin. It has soothing action, helps regulate sebum, helps regulate the appearance of shines and reduces dilated pores. Contains Vitamin B6 and Barosma Betulina Extract. Content: 250 ml

Balancing tonic Balancium

Facial tonic with extracts of burdock, ivy, rosemary and lemon that help to have a perfect balance and good hygiene in oily and mixed skin. Regulates sebaceous secretion, helps close the pore and moisturizes the skin Content: 500 ml

Body Massage Cream

Cream for body massages that allows you to easily work in treatment areas. It has the perfect texture to provide a sliding during the massage. It does not leave any fat sensation or residue. • Content: 1000 ml

Clarifier serum

Its composition combines different depigmenting assets such as Niacinamide, Octadecenoic acid or Boerhavia diffusa extract with different mechanisms of action for great results in skin with hyperpigmentation. It brings luminosity to the face and unifying the skin tone. • Content: 30 ml

Cleaning emulsion Abical

Cleansing lotion to remove makeup and remove any dirt from the skin before performing facial treatment respecting the hydrolipidic layer. Suitable for mixed or oily skin. It contains Gentian and Calendula extract that helps regenerate the skin and produce collagen. • Content: 490 ml

Conductive Gel

Transparent conductive gel especially suitable for treatments with aparatologia such as laser, IPL etc. • Content: 950 ml How to use it: Apply with a spatula on the area to be treated and use the handle according to device.

Cryo-thermal gel

Effective hypothermizing gel for foot treatments, legs or any tired or congested area. Contains Menthol, Mentil Lactate, Aloe Vera juice that provides a freshness effect on the skin. It helps decrease the feeling of heaviness and tingling in the area. • Content: 500 ml

Dermoconective Oil Omega Oils

Concentrate for very dry, sensitive or mature skin. It contains a combination of assets such as Ubiquina, Ceramida-2, and vegetable oils, help to a good functioning of the cell walls and help to form a quality intercellular cement, in this way favors dermal filling by refining the wrinkles of the face. It has antioxidant, anti-aging and firming action.

Epidermal Growth Factors

Concentrate suitable for all types of skin. It contains ingredients such as Acacia Senegal, Snow Saffron and Nicotiana Bentamiana that are responsible for giving the skin firmness and plump the skin.It is also recommended to accelerate the process of skin regeneration. • Content: 30 ml

Exfoliating cream

Body peel indicated before any body treatment. Also eliminates dead cells and makes the skin more smooth and prepares skin for subsequent treatments. Its texture of crem allows to remove it easily, leaving the skin softer and smoother. • Content: 500 ml How to use it: Apply on the area to be treated, extend the product and massage. Remove with water

Extreme Dermal Photoprotector

Extreme Dermal Photoprotector Facial sunscreen, indispensable after performing any facial treatment to regain and protect the skin. Rich in Shea Butter and Folic Acid that helps preserve DNA in cells that damaged by sun exposure. • Content: 200 ml

Herbal Lotion Herbadis

Non-alcoholic facial tonic that helps clean, calm and refresh the skin as well as moisturise it in depth. Helps improve the penetration of active ingredients. Suitable for normal and sensitive skin with a tendency to dry.It is used to • Content: 500 ml

Normalizer G Concentrate Balancing

Biphasic concentrate rich in Chia oil that provides the skin with essential fatty acids, antioxidants and a lipoamino acid that regulates the skin’s ecosystem and limits sebum production. • Content: 30 ml

Osmo-Moisturizing Mask

Face mask recommended for dry skin or that need extra hydration. It has a lot of minerals and kaolin that clean the skin in depth. The mask has decongestant and moisturizing properties to give softness and radiance to the skin. Content: 250 ml

Osmohydrating cream

Moisturizing emulsion suitable for all types of skin, especially dehydrated skin. Rich in raponticxin that acts from the inside improving the natural mechanisms, provides long- lasting hydration. It exerts an osmoprotective action against the dehydration stress produced by adverse environmental conditions.

Renewing Multiacid Skin Peel

Chemical peel formed of 50%-30% glycolic acid and 20% lactic acid, citric, mandelic and salicylic. It produces a renewal of the superficial layers of the epidermis, stimulates the production of new collagen. It is not recommended for very sensitive skin. • Content: 150 ml

Restructuring cream

Cream indicated for sensitive, damaged and/or mature skin. It gives to the skin Ceramida-2 and Matrikinas that repair the skin barrier attenuating the damage produced on the skin. Moisturizes, nourishes, calms and brings juiciness to the skin. • Content: 200 ml

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