How to create natural eyelash extensions

We used to think that eyelash extensions were a Hollywood actress thing, but that’s behind us, they’re more and more common. Now any woman can have a fantastic look with natural and spectacular eyelashes.

The key is to create a look with natural eyelash extensions that make them feel fabulous. That’s why we have to take these things into account:


To create your own set, you can choose between curvature, thickness and length. At Seena Owell we have A, B, C and D curves. Thicknesses from 0.05 to 0.25 and lengths from 8 mm to 15 mm. We have matt color extensions (Soft Premium flames) and glossy (Soft Twinkle flames) extensions. With all of them you can create from a classic look to a Russian volume.

We also have Blossom extensions that are similar to mink extensions, with a much lower cost and a similar effect. And extensions in Y and W to give fast volume to our most anxious customers.

Knowing the curvature of the natural eyelash

By knowing the curvature of the natural eyelash, we will be able to evaluate our options. In Spain, the best-selling curvature is B and closely followed by C. We must always look for a similar curvature between the extension and the natural eyelash.

Create a texture with eyelash extensions

There are three different phases in which we will find the eyelashes of our clients: anagen phase (this is the growth phase of the eyelash from birth), catagen phase (when the eyelashes reach their maximum length, it lasts approximately 3 weeks in this phase) and telogen phase (the eyelash is going to fall out shortly because a new one is going to be born). Eyelash extensions should only be placed on lashes that are in the catagen phase, however, it is difficult to differentiate between those that are in the catagen phase and those that are in the telogen phase.

To create a natural look we are going to try to choose the right extensions lengths so that, they will be similar to those of the client’s lashes (we recommend a maximum of 2 mm more than the length of the natural lashes), creating textures. This means that we are going to apply, in the same look, short and long lashes of different curvatures to create a natural look.

Learn from the best

If you are not yet an extension technician and you want to become one, don’t miss the opportunity to train with us. You will find our courses and announcements on our website. You’re a little closer to creating a natural look of eyelash extensions.

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