4 Common Errors Made When Putting Tab Extensions

All extension technicians want the same thing, to create an eye-catching look with eyelash extensions that our customers will be delighted with, but this is not always achieved.

If your looks aren’t surprising, then make sure you’re not making one of these common mistakes.

Common Errors Made When Putting Tab Extensions

Incorrect separation

Most technicians who begin to apply eyelash extensions have the same problem, how to separate a small, thin eyelash. Placing one extension on two lashes can be a major problem.

First of all, you won’t get the volume and naturalness you want to provide to your client. If we calculate that a person has between 100 and 120 eyelashes per eye and you place an extension between two eyelashes, the number of eyelash extensions placed will be reduced to 60.

Second, you’ll hurt her eyelash by forcing it to grow badly. Natural lashes don’t grow all at once, if you join two natural eyelashes with one extension, you will force one of them to go faster in its life cycle or to hold an inadequate weight and it will fall before, this could cause bald spots in your clients’ natural lashes and that NEVER should happen.

Proper length of eyelash extensions

If we look closely at the eyelashes, each one of them has its own length and thickness according to its growth cycle. In the past, we only had 0.15 and 0.2 millimeters eyelash extensions to work with. Now we have from 0.05mm. Use this advantage to work different volumes and adapt them to each client providing a spectacular result.

Remember that the maximum length of eyelash extensions that you can give to your clients is 2 to 3 mm longer than the length of their natural eyelashes. Not by putting longer extensions you will get a prettier look.

Precise amount of adhesive

With a little eyelash extension adhesive, we will have enough to last our extension. Before, we were taught to place extensions “painting” the hair with the adhesive, this is no longer necessary. With a small amount of it properly adhered between the root of the extension and the natural lash, will be enough to last us until its next filling.

Safety distance

Eyelash extensions should NEVER touch the skin. They should be placed as close to the root as possible, but always keeping a separation of 1 millimeter from the skin. This will also help us to make the extensions last longer because when the natural eyelashes grow, the extensions will have a longer way to go.