Myths and legends about eyelash extensions

We receive many questions and doubts about eyelash extensions all the time and we want to clarify here, the most frequently asked questions.

Allergic reactions to eyelash extensions

A minimum percentage of clients turn out to be allergic to eyelash extensions. Actually, they are allergic to glue, not extensions. There may be minimal swelling and itching while we put them on, or after a few hours of wearing them.  We have to keep in mind that sensitivity, itching and irritation can be caused by many different factors, and in different situations. For example, also in manicures (for the nail polish), in facial cleansings (for some cream), in hair treatments (for some dye or even shampoo) etc.

Through this, we want to clarify that there are many natural substances, and other chemicals to which we may commonly be allergic. An allergic reaction occurs when our body detects a foreign body or substance in it and identifies it as dangerous.

The most important thing is that the glue should NEVER touch the skin. It is very strange that glue vapors can cause an allergic reaction, but what could happen is, that the reaction is caused by any other substance that comes in contact with the skin, such as patches, primer, or tape. This is because underneath our eyes is the thinnest skin on our whole body.

Are breaks necessary?

This is one of the most common questions in this sector. People think that after 3 fillings a break should be made and apply some kind of serum to renew the eyelash.

But, why? An incorrect application of the eyelash extensions can cause the premature fall of the natural eyelash, but a correct application does not have to damage anything of the natural eyelashes.

Bad routines for our lashes

  • To use eyelash curlers daily: we press the eyelash constantly and when releasing the curler, many times, we pull some eyelash that was not in the fall phase (telogen) therefore, generates some balding.
  • Too many layers of mascara: we believe that, by applying many layers of mascara, our eyelashes will look longer and thicker, but on the contrary, it has the opposite effect. When forming mascara patches, the growing lash cannot grow in a right direction.
  • Do not remove makeup: Removing makeup is very important, you must remove makeup traces at the end of the day from your eyelash. This will help us a lot, because this way, the eyelash follicle will be clean and healthy for a long time. Leaving the mascara overnight, and not removing makeup, can affects the Eyelash life cycle.

The Correct Application of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions should have a unique union with the natural eyelash (in this article we told you how to achieve a perfect union between natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions) so that, its cycle would be normal and healthy. The natural life of the eyelash, going through the three phases (anagen, catagen and telogen) is between 60 and 75 days.

This information helps us to understand (and make our clients understand) that eyelashes can be renewed. It is normal to lose between 1 and 3 eyelashes per day, but perhaps there are days that we do not lose any, and another day we lose 4. This will happen to us having eyelash extensions or by not having them.

It is important to always place an adequate length and thickness to the natural eyelash, so the extension does not pull it.

If you tell your client that she needs to rest, it’s because…

  • You have applied too thick or too long extensions to her eyelash, and they are interfering with the growth cycle of the natural eyelash. This can lead to alopecia or disorder in the follicle hair.
  • You are separating the natural lashes incorrectly and when you place the extension, it joins more than one lash. Since the lashes to which the extension has been attached will have different ages, one will fall earlier causing the remaining lash to support the weight of the extension plus the fallen lash. This will cause a premature fall of the natural eyelash.
  • You are making a fan volume with fans that are too big and heavy for her eyelash, so (going back to the first option), it is not a suitable weight for her eyelash and will fall off sooner than necessary.

At Seena Owell, we have a great variety of lengths, curves and thicknesses so that, you can provide a personalized service, and above all, a healthy service.

Eye infections caused by eyelash extensions

It is very common to see photos on the internet about eye infections produced when a person is using eyelash extensions, but there is information that we should know first.

Explain to the client that water is not an enemy of extensions. They should be washed and brushed daily to keep them clean. This is not going to make our extensions fall out but last longer. There are many eyelash cleaners on the market, but the most popular today are cleaning foams.

It is necessary to remove all oily substances from our skin, whether makeup, mascara or even our own skin fat to maintain the union between extension and eyelash in a perfect state.

That’s why we have to make our clients responsible for the cleanliness of their eyelashes and explain how they can maintain a spectacular look in just 5 minutes.

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