Difference between Primer, Nail Prep and Bonder

You may have wondered many times about the difference between these three products that have similar properties and uses. We’ll help you solve the mystery.

But first, we’re going to give you some hints on how to recognize a greasy nail: usually, people who have oily skin, usually also have the surface of their nails greasy.

For people who have normal nail surface, by polishing the nail and applying Nail Prep (nail degreaser) may be sufficient.

On the market, we can find several options: Acid free primer, acid primer, Nail prep, and Bonder. Let’s explain what each of them consists of, and when they should be applied, so you can clearly see the difference.


Acid-free primer: a liquid used to remove grease and prepare the nail surface. A small amount of the product should be applied to the middle part of the nail, spreading it up to the free edge. The product will not dry completely if we apply a lot of it, and it can cause the product we put later to be lifted, whether it is acrylic, gel or polyacryl gel. The nail surface must become completely matt after the product dries. There is no need to clean the nail after applying the primer. This product should only be applied to the natural nail. It is advisable to avoid contact with the skin as the primer can cause an allergic reaction. In seenaowell.com you can find this product as Base One Primer for Nails.

Primer acid: This primer is suitable for acrylic nails. It contains a high percentage of acid methacrylate. Therefore, it is a strong component, and it is necessary to apply a small amount on the surface of the natural nail. When the product penetrates into the nail, it forms micro pores on the surface that will help the acrylic to have more grip in the natural nail. It is not recommended to use this product when applying permanent nail polish.

Nail Prep

It is a product that removes grease and cleans the nail surface before any treatment. It is acid free and in seconds it prepares the nail not being necessary to clean it after applying it. This product closes the nail pores after having polished it making it matte. It does not affect the nail’s own PH and is recommended to obtain the best result when performing a permanent nail polish service. Using it for several services in a row, will help us to minimize the bubbles that can cause an oily nail in our work.

In seenaowell.com you can find this product as Nail Degreaser.


It is a UV gel base that is applied directly to the natural nail. This product is a 2 in 1 product that acts as a primer and as a gel base. The bonder is acid free which increases the adhesion of the gel. A small amount of the product is applied after polishing the natural nail and the product has to dry in the UV lamp for 1 min. When removing the hands from the lamp, it is not necessary to clean the nail with any product.

We hope we helped you!

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