8 tips for a perfect union between natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions

Clearly, we all want the same thing. Have happy, recurring customers and a great reputation for our business. A very important issue to achieve this is that our clients can hold their eyelash extensions for a long time, so we’re going to give you some secrets for you to get it too.

Prepare your workspace

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Humidity, temperature and air quality are important factors to consider when performing an eyelash extension service.

As we already know, every eyelash extension glue needs its own degree of humidity and temperature to work in optimum condition. The ideal temperature would be between 19º-23º and a humidity degree between 45% and 75%.

We can easily follow these steps thanks to a thermometer that guides us. In case you need it, you can get it with a humidifier, that nowadays can be easily found. This will help you control moisture levels.

Eyelash preparation

Preparation of the eyelashesThe best condition for a glue to work is that it has a clean and grease-free surface. Dirt creates a barrier between the glue and the natural flange, which will make the bond more complicated.

It is important to remove eyelashes makeup because there is dirt in the environment that we cannot see, but that adheres to all parts of our body. Use a non-oily makeup remover because the oil in these cases will make our glue will not last.

After removing make-up from the eyes, it is recommended to dry them in order to remove the humidity that may have left the product.

Choose the best Eyelash Primer

Applying Primer to Eyelash Extensions after Cleansing is an important step we should not skip. The eyelash extension primer has a small concentration of alcohol that helps dehydrate the natural eyelash which will allow the glue to extend into the natural eyelash much better.

Remember also, that when we make the extensions filling, we must prepare the natural lashes applying Primer over them.

How much eyelash glue is the right one?

Apply glue for eyelash extensions

Using too much eyelash glue for eyelash extensions is just as harmful as using too little. The correct amount of glue for hair by hair eyelash extensions is 2-3 mm at the base. For volume extensions, we recommend 1 mm deep glue and always attaching the base very well.

If you have too much glue on the extension, put it on the ring itself, but never on the patch, because that would take too much glue off the extension.

Step by step: Separate the eyelash, press and release it

Most eyelash extension glues, except hypo-allergenic, dry on contact, within 1-2 seconds. It is recommended that you first look for the correct eyelash, separate it from the rest and then place the extension.

Pressing lightly for a few seconds, makes sure that the extension is perfectly glued.

Choose your perfect angle

As we already know, every natural eyelash is different. Some are curved, others straight and others grow in the opposite direction, so it is very important to find the perfect angle to place the lash extension.

Our recommendation is that you always look for a slightly similar curvature to the natural eyelash. This will make the joint much more durable.

Another very important point is to place the base of the extension 1 mm from the birth of the natural eyelash, ALWAYS without touching the skin. It is important that both bases are well joined so they do not separate.

Another option is, when a client has very straight eyelashes, is first recommending an Eyelash Lift and a week later perform the service of eyelash extensions.

Don’t let your eyelashes dance!

Fast drying adhesives eyelash extensionsNow that we’ve talked about the right amount of glue and the perfect angle, let’s talk about how to apply them. Before, they taught us that we had to “paint” the natural eyelash with glue and that was because the adhesives were slow drying.

Now that we have quick-drying adhesives, it is not necessary to carry out the process in this way. It’s very easy: wet the extension in the glue, remove the excess (only if necessary) and place it at the angle you think is perfect for the natural eyelash. Focus on making the connection between the base of the extension and the base of the natural lash PERFECT. Hold for 1 second and leave it free.

Once we glue the extension, we should not remove it. If it was necessary, we would make it always with an eyelash extensions remover.

The importance of the next 24 hours

In case you didn’t know, the glue takes about 24 hours to dry completely. For this reason, we have to tell the client that it is VERY important not to apply water, cream, or makeup in the eye area during the first 24 hours to avoid a premature fall of the eyelash extensions. Subsequently, if you want to apply mascara, must be a special one for using with eyelash extensions, and to remove makeup a non-oily makeup remover must be used.

Remember to apply, once you have finished the service, a glue sealer, which will help you encapsulate the glue and make the lash extensions last longer, this product can also be sold to your customers.

We hope you find these tricks useful and put them into practice, and if you think this can be helpful, don’t hesitate to comment and share.

At Seena Owell we have all the products you need to make your eyelash extensions services perfect. And if you want it in a more visual way, you can continue watching our video: Hair by Hair Eyelash Extensions.