Solving problems

Surely you have ever had the situation of a client that you have attended who calls you the next day telling you that her eyes are swollen and itchy. Don’t panic, everything has a solution.

  • If when you return to your appointment, after several fillings, her eyes are swollen, be careful and do not risk. Probably some compound we use isn’t working for her. You can recommend another alternative, such as an eyelash lift or a moisturizing serum.
  • The swelling immediately after the service is an alarm that some component is affecting our client and that her body is not accepting it. In that case, we recommend that you to stop the service and have patience, customers can be very insistent.

Tips to improve your service

  1. Before starting the service, give clients an informed consent, give them time to read it, complete it, and sign it. Read what the client has stated and if you see that she claims to have any allergies or eye problems, ask her for more details to ensure that the treatment will not be harmful to her.
  2. Carefully clean and prepare the eyelashes for each treatment. We must explain to the client the routine of cleaning and care that she must follow at home, emphasizing how important it is.
  3. Choose the right Primer for each client. At Seena Owell, we have three options: mask type, spray type and protein wipes. The first one is going to make the minimum fat that may have remained in the eyelashes after cleaning, disappear. As it has a small amount of alcohol, it will dry the eyelash and assure a perfect union.
  4. As we already know, glues have steam and not all our customers are affected equally. Therefore, if we have a client with sensitive eyes, we should use a hypoallergenic glue that does not have vapors to avoid disturbing her eyes.
  5. We have 3 different types of patches: collagen, hydrogel and silicone. Silicone patches are hypoallergenic and consequently do not bother any type of person.
  6. In the case that, when we are working, the client feels discomfort, we can apply air with a short fan to make the vapor in the eyes less annoying.
  7. We must cure the glue between 30 and 60 second so that, when our client leaves the center is completely dry and does not run any risk.
  8. If you have cured the glue, your clients will be able to wash their eyes even when they have just left the center. And without losing any eyelashes!


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